Red Carpet:2015/06/27 Sat. 17:00
Awards Ceremony:2015/06/27 Sat. 19:00
Venue:Taipei Arena(2, Sec. 4, Nanjing E. Rd., Taipei City)
TTV Live Broadcast:2015/06/27 Sat. 17:00

Awards Ceremony – Entry Information

Advance Ticket Holders

  1. Entry opens from 17:30 to 18:45, 06/27 Sat.
  2. Advance tickets will be nullified after 18:45. Patrons who fail to enter the venue by 18:45 must queue up at the waiting zone of stand-by tickets for entry.
  3. Staff will examine tickets at entry gate, thus please keep the ticket with you at all times. The event organizer holds no responsibility for any damage or loss of tickets. Any person without a valid ticket will be denied entry.

Onsite Ticketing

  1. Please queue up at East-North Plaza near North Gate of Taipei Arena.
  2. Ticketing staff will hand out numbered stand-by tickets at 16:00, 06/27 Sat. Ticket holders should arrive at North Gate before 18:40 to be granted entry in accordance with ticket number and instructions.
  3. Entry opens at 19:10, 06/27 Sat. The onsite delivery of stand-by tickets and all entries are subject to availability. Should the seating capacity reach its limit, staff will advise the patrons promptly. Please wait patiently and follow the instructions given by onsite event staff.
  4. Seating will mainly locate on 2nd and 3rd floors as per arrangement. Please enter in order and follow the instructions of event staffs.

Important Notes

  1. For quality enjoyment and broadcast purpose, mobile phones must be switched off or to vibrate mode before entry.
  2. Upon entry, video recording or photography are not permitted. Patrons reluctant to cooperate will be asked to leave the venue.
  3. For your security, children under 110cm are prohibited from entering B1 area and all areas of 3rd floor.
  4. As the awards ceremony will be streaming live, please do not leave your seats at will during the show.
  5. No smoking, food or drinks consumption is permitted in the venue. Any drinks containing alcohol, objects in can and glass container or other dangerous goods are also prohibited.
  6. Please comply with all rules posted at entry gates of the Arena.
  7. We appreciate your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience.