Daniel Chen

2014 Benchmark for Most Sincere Newcomer Daniel Chen
Daniel’s not looking to usurp the king or queen of the stage, all he wants is to prove himself and move you through music.
I love to sing and perform, and I want to continue doing the things everyone loves to see me do. Give me the chance and I will give it my all. I don’t give up easily. Making music… it’s about training to dig into one’s soul and think hard about how to take the things you find and sing them in the words of a song. It’s a little bit like training at the Shaolin Temple. Or, to use the marathon metaphor, it’s like, in terms of writing songs, I just started running and I’m still able to run right alongside some of the greats. As a beginner, all I can say is “Lucky me!” Opportunities come to those who are ready. I’ll continue to believe that day by day, until I can break into your playlist!
People used to call me “shrimp”. Now, call me Daniel Chen

Sun Sheng-hsi

As a third-generation Chinese living in South Korea, Sun Sheng-hsi has an inheritance of multiple cultures to draw from for her distinctive musical stylings. Her first album Girls was an instant critical success and also won her Best New Artist of the Year on iTunes in 2014. Her softly powerful voice and perfect tempo have made her the golden-child of the theatre, where she is often commissioned to create theme songs and episodic music. Her voice brings all the contradictory emotions—the weaknesses and strengths—into a beautiful reconciliation. Her voice is one that you will never forget.


When listening to music, you need to submit; when creating music, you need to be rebellious.
When you have no fans, be persistent; when you do have fans, think about why.
Fact Sheet
Product Name: Celeste
Ingredients: One “uncontrollable control freak”
Additives: Cancer of the mind, alienation, imperfection, palsied blood
Good Until: The day we no longer need voices to express emotions
Recommended Storage: Store in the deepest parts of your ears and soul
Instructions: Please listen indoors or outdoors only. May be used with eyes open or closed. Enjoy on rainy or sunny days. May lose effect when in a vacuum.

Andrew Yeh

Artist or Wolf of Wallstreet—which would you choose?
In a remarkable story, Andrew gave up a US$100,000 per-year stock analyst job at JPMorgan to become a musician. The stock image is that artists barely scrape by, but even so Andrew chose to put his life into song and sing the romantic story of the underdog.
Heavily influenced by Radiohead and U2, Andrew’s music is unique for its expansiveness and warmth. When he was barely into his 5th year in the business, he was commissioned to create music for the Taiwan Television series Haru. This resulted in the song “Louder & Louder,” on which he collaborated with Vincent Fang. It became his out-of-nowhere breakout hit.
Life begs us to bravely try new things. To Andrew, music is even more about bravery. No matter the language or the position, sing, and sing loudly!—It’s more important than anything.


Having gone straight to the Music Institute of Los Angeles to study vocals, musical writing, guitar, and piano at the age of 18, Dino has taken the best cultural elements of both East and West to create his own unique form of energetic, explosive music, and has even taken his high-energy style into the rock arena. Classic American rock seeps into every pore of his style, often bringing him outside of the Taiwanese comfort zone. With the straight-shooter style of the West combined with the quiet expressiveness of the East, Dino’s songs reach to the boundless artistic vision through a new language built of poetry and metaphor.
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