2012 was a big year for TRASH—it was the year of their first self-titled album, TRASH; then, at the Hohaiyan Rock Festival, TRASH stole away the top prize; add to that a full list of tour stops, including Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea….
TRASH never stops searching for new musical outlets. After burning through their first-year and first-album, their second album came about a little bit different. They dropped the fearless attitude and approached music from a different angle: not just igniting one’s passion and energy, but embracing ideals and action.

Cosmos People

Cosmos People was formed in the summer of 2004 by lead singer/keyboardist Jade and guitarist A-Kui. Both were high school classmates and shared an interest in dance and dance music. The two began to explore other genres of music and fell in love with Funk. After high school, Jade and A-Kui formed Cosmos People and started writing their own music.
The strong sense of rhythm that can be felt in Cosmos People is what makes them unique. Cosmos People’s music is a blend of Funk, Disco, Jazz, and etc. Because of their love for dance, Cosmos People enjoys creating music that encourages listeners to dance. This is an element that is rare among Taiwanese band music. Listening to every song is like entering a wave of rhythm, making it hard for listeners to resist moving to the groove of the music.

Lie Gramophone

(Vocalist/ Keyboardist) A-Flight
(Vocalist/ Keyboardist) A-Flight
(Drummer) Krish
Lie Gramophone is an avant-guard electronic band formed in 2009—at the time they were the only ethnic-Chinese band with a DJ and live drummer. The group uses the most direct form of music—an undefinable amalgam of different styles, to interpret the modern mode of music. Dubstep is present in their music in many forms, and is one of their signature musical motifs. Elements as far ranging as reggae , post-techno, rock, drum and bass, house, disco, and hip-hop all come together in new musical tension in Lie Gramophone’s style. These three musicians take it all on the stage, a kaleidoscope of musical styles and a stage presence that will blow you away.


Lead vocalist: Uplee
Keyboard: Orange
Drummer: Dan-Tsai
Bassist: Sky
Guitarist: Liu-B
831 is a Taiwan pop rock band originated in Taipei. In the last day of summer vacation in 2003, four senior high school friends Uplee, Orange, Liub, Sky in Taipei formed the rock band in the name of 831, reminding themselves that even if there was no more summer vacation, they shall never give up what they really love to do, and being the persons they want to be.
With the release of the album, 831 became highly noticed, their tours extended to many cities like Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Shan Hai, Beijing, Nanking, Wuhan, even attended “CMJ Music Festival” in New York in 2012. 831 participated in many diverse type of performances, for example, cooperating with Chinese Orchestration. On top of that, 831 started to serve as the VJs of an MTV program “Music iShuffle”.
“...If you want to feel the impact in your heart, try out 831. Before the world collapses, listen to 831” …. By Ashin, vocal of Mayday.
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