Fun Wu

A bright warm voice like a summer day, a body full of creative dynamism, the good vibes of a stroll through a calming forest, and the tough-as-nails strength of a cosmopolitan… add them all together and you get something close to Fun Wu. Fun is most herself when singing and strumming on a guitar. This new-generation guitarist has walked a long road from her discovery in a talent show, to the campus stage and a student crowd, and finally to the Taipei Arena and an auditorium of thousands of fans. Even as a newcomer to the music world, she has been on five television series and two advertisements. Her critically-acclaimed hit “Accumulated Loneliness” has appeared on the Mainland Chinese drama My Sunshine and the Taiwanese idol drama The Pursuit of Happiness. Even without an album on the shelves, she has already become the hopeful wunderkind for 2015!

Yan-J (Yan-Jue)

Jazz is life for this young musician, who has been absorbed in jazz music ever since the age of 11. With a father and two sisters—all three of them doctors, this persistent youth stayed the course in his own subtly persuasive way. He even cut a short film to convince his father and the rest of his family that jazz was the right path.
An explosive power comes from this introverted personality; a slew of ideas, but few words; eddies of movement under a quiet exterior. On stage, he is a musician; when he walks off the stage, he is the perfect idol star. He may be the silent type, but when he sings he opens up with an impressive power. Yan loves to play piano, and whenever he plays he says he becomes one with the instrument. That may be why some people say he has a strange mystique whenever he sits down and lays his fingers on the ebony and ivory.

Afu Teng

Once a demo singer, Afu became an instant hit on the net from singing cover songs, leading to a record deal and her breakout first album So That’s How it is!! Just one year later she was nominated for a Golden Melody for Best New Artist. Popularity and power don’t often come in one package, but Afu has proved her chops in album after album, from her EP Hello Happiness to the album Sky Island, which won her multiple awards in the greater China region. With her 2015 effort My Own Style, she hopes to give her fans even more to look forward to.

Victor Wong

Victor Wong is an Malaysian born – Taiwan based male composer singer who has made his name in Taiwan music industry and also well known in whole Chinese market in Asia since 1995. He is famous in sentimental Chinese pop ballads with his sincerity and gentle voice singing. Besides singing and songwriting, he’s also an expert Actor in Drama, Movies and Music Play thru out these years. His musical composition also contenting in some of the Dramas and Movies, becoming a hits song and music trend in the music market. Following by he’s also holding his concert tour and meeting his fans in most of the countries in Asia. Victor has been very active in many charities and social welfares event especially in Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore due to his upright, honest and positive thinking mental. He’s also became a likes of many branding and products client because of he has fostered a good and healthy personal image among the years.
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