Alan Kou

Alan Kou is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter and actor.
When he first entered the music industry, his mentor and famous musician, Jay Chou, told him he should know how to write his own songs. He then spent six years to write and record songs and finally selected twelve of his best songs for his first album released in 2005. He has won multiple music awards.

Eve Ai

The Ghostly Blues of Eve Ai
A simple vocal range and a touch of the melancholy gives Eve Ai’s music a sultry blues groove. Dubbed the “Taiwanese Rhianna,” Eve lived up to her namesake by being nominated for Best New Artist in the 24th Golden Melody Awards. In 2014 she released her second album, Adult Love Songs, a record much vaunted by the media and the public alike.
Eve has continued to write new music for 2015, including being invited to write for A-Mei, René Liu, and Claire Kuo. As if that were not enough, she is working on collaborative projects with Mayday and MC Hot Dog. Her newest work is expected to be released this summer.

Calvin Chen

Born: 1980, Height: 184cm
In 2004 Calvin Chen became the champion of the music competition Sunshine Boyz 2004, held by Comic Agent productions and Vancouver’s Fairchild Radio. During the competition, he served as “Warm Wave Ambassador” in Canada before returning to Taiwan to film the second male lead in the series KO One, winning him acting cred as well as musical beginnings. A year later, he joined the Taiwanese boy-band Fahrenheit. Alongside acting, hosting, and musical work, Calvin even created the big-brand label WOW, invested in a salon, and ran a medical supplies business—his boundless ambition has won him the media title of “CEO of all-trades.”
In 2014 he released his first mini-album It’s Still Summer.
Filmography: KO One, The X-Family, Romantic Princess, Momo Love, Love Buffet, Sunshine Angel, Three Peas in a Pod, King’s Battle

Popu Lady

This five-girl band under the HIM International Music label are juniors to the senior girl group S.H.E. Their name is an abbreviation of the English ‘popular.’ These five ladies—“Cute ‘n Popular” Hongshi, “Power Girl” Dayuan, “Sparkle Beauty” Bao’er, “Cultured Hottie” Tingxuan, and “Forest Girl” Yushan—lived and practiced together for a year before releasing their first mini-album on December 14, 2012, named Keep Keep Loving, marking their entrance into the Taiwanese music scene.
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