Biz Matching Center

In order to upsurge business opportunities for Taiwanese pop music industry, this year the Biz Matching Center invites more buyers from domestic and international music ecosystem and cross-industry partners to participate in our B2B business platform during the 3-day event. Face-to-face meetings will allow for discussions on visions and products, encouraging cross-industry and cross-border cooperation.
  • Dates: June 24 (Wed) - 26 (Fri)
  • Time: 10:00 AM - 17:30 PM
  • Venue: Grand Hyatt Taipei
  • Layout: Business Matching Area, Lounge Area, Exhibition Area, Reception Desk
  1. Taiwan Television Enterprise

    Taiwan Television Enterprise

    Taiwan Television (TTV) is the first commercial terrestrial television station in Taiwan. TTV’s key strategy in the digital era is to promote HD content and diverse services. Taiwan began broadcasting HD digital TV in 2012. Compliant with government policies, aimed at higher competitiveness and mindful of viewers’ expectations, TTV switched from analog to digital broadcasting on July 1, 2012. While retaining the original TTV Main Channel, TTV Finance, TTV Variety and TTV World, TTV also planned for a new HD channel. TTV invested heavily in HD equipment and produced HD content, launching TTV HD in August, 2012. TTV has fulfilled its corporate vision of running multiple channels and providing better TV content to viewers. The popularity of web technology has changed viewing behavior. TTV constantly responds to new market trends. TTV serves nation-wide viewers as a terrestrial broadcaster.
  2. ATB International

    ATB International

    ATB International, the MOST EXPERIENCED professional consultancy in MUSIC INDUSTRY in Chinese speaking area of South East Asia and China, especially digital content licensing and marketing communication!

    Clients, partners and previous credits:

    - AdSHARE
    - BAMID, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan (GMA 2014 - '15 Conference)
    - Dan Hodges Music
    - Gracenote
    - Go Shiina (famous Japanese animation and video game composer)
    - Gameaster
    - hTC (Retail activation)
    - MIDEM
    - MoveInPocket
    - mSpot (merged by Samsung Electronics)
    - Mugwork Music Production
    - Rock Music Group
    - Samsung Electronics Korea (Music service group)
    - The Big Issue Taiwan
    - TouchTunes

    - TTV (GMA 2014 - '15 Conference)
    - Waach
    - Warner Music Taiwan (Physical distribute)
    - Wind Music International.
  3. Primal Beat Creations Co., Ltd.

    Primal Beat Creations Co., Ltd.

    PBC Music in 1997 until present, which mainly focuses in Buddhist music.

    Hundreds albums independently, some of the songs are chanted by different lineages masters and senior monks with their precious mantras & sutras and the artists who involved are outstanding ones in the spiritual music area.
  4. Good Music

    Good Music

    In Good Music Shop you can find everything from all types of vinyl records to digital recordings! We only recommend good stuff and good music. This is our spirit.
  5. hoomia


    hoomia is a lifestyle brand that creates innovative earphones, headphones and wireless speakers that are on the leading edge of quality, design and technology.

    Established in Taiwan, 2008, hoomia anticipates the needs of its customers and strives to create high quality products that deliver brilliance of sound performance and aesthetic designs.

    hoomia products reproduce the vivid sound with stylish and extraordinary design catering to your lifestyle.

    We strive to make the whole world hear and hum to “hoomia”
  6. Taiwan Colors Music

    Taiwan Colors Music

    Taiwan Colors Music produces albums featuring people, music, and local culture and releases about six original albums a year. In addition to music, each album comes with a booklet that includes photographs and words. Taiwan Colors Music wants to record the life and songs of the locals on this island by doing so. Instead of making profits, the production of these albums is based on the idea of sharing; therefore, Taiwan Colors Music is often called the coolest independent record label in Taiwan.


    SINGING produces modern folk songs with the style of “classical folk song.”


    Enrich, a subsidiary of 1969-established Ko Trading,was founded in 1997. The company specializes in the distribution of CD’s, HQCD’s, XRCD’s, BD’s, LP’s as well as music recording and publishing. Distribution channels include Eslite, Kuannan,, Haishan Records, Hess and all major record shops, bookstores and overseas markets.
  9. Warner Music Taiwan Limited

    Warner Music Taiwan Limited

    Warner Music is the world’s most far-reaching international record group. It is responsible for the biggest names, the most monumental records and the best-selling digital music; each Warner Music production leads the Chinese music world in scope and trends. Warner strives to create the brightest, most professional musicians and music management, and the most world-changing of original music. The group has continued to make a consistent effort in raising the value of the music industry as well as giving it more substantial content.
  10. Owls


    Owls is a talent agency, focusing on tailoring artists’ careers in the entertainment business and establshing a sound environment for talent agencies. In addition to talent representation and expertise in marketing and PR, the company also runs coffee shops that integrate own brand with cultural and creative entertainment to create diverse interactions. Currently, the company represents Nita Lei, J.C. Lei, Ming, and Cindy Yang. Owls has also cooperated with record labels in representing a number of pop stars, helping record labels and film companies in talent management, brand marketing, and public relations.
  11. Walker


    Walker, formed by a group of talent in advertisement, is best at campaign planning and implemention. In 2010, the company started to provide special effects makeup as well as TV and film production services for film-making and theatrical applications, and it later expanded its makeup artistry business further. Walker has even invited professionals from Hollywood to exchange their knowledge and share their experience in script analysis, module creation, on-site makeup services, etc., and it also combines its professional competencies with art, media, and technology, which then contributes to the creation of on-line game characters as well as sculptures and outdoor art works.
  12. Asia Entertainment International Co.,

    Asia Entertainment International Co.,

    Asia Entertainment International is a film production house with a focus on creativity, script development, and production; it also invites scholars and film company CEOs to be advisors, providing expert opinions on financing, movie planning, and script screening. We also work with emerging young directors, assisting the production of short films or feature films. In addition to own productions and collaborations, we also invest in other films by other companies. We attempt to produce movies in different styles, and proactively cooperate with foreign markets in aim to create movies with diverse and rich colors.
  13. AsiaMuse Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    AsiaMuse Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    AsiaMuse was founded in 2006, and since has held true to its creed of “making genuine music, no matter how times change.” The company has been diligently focused on developing the strongest singers in the Chinese-language music world. AsiaMuse has one of the best artist management teams in the industry, who bring new blood to thje music world through innovative and fashion-sensitive image building, digital marketing and event planning. Over the years, AsiaMuse has consistently gained the recognition and affirmation of professional evaluators at the Golden Melody Awards, the Golden Indie Music Awards, and other awards in Taiwan and abroad.
  14. Intelligent Advertising Agency

    Intelligent Advertising Agency

    Branding is the soul of products, and sales is the ultimate goal of advertisement. And when it goes back to the very beginning, advertisement is the key of marketing while strategies are the essence of creativity. Believing in a “bottom-up” business model, we, Intelligent Advertising Agency, are an integrated marketing company that forms mutual partnership with our clients. We are able to communicate correct messages to the target consumers at the right time and right place, and we always view our clients as our partners and strive to grow with them together.
  15. Introduction of the Arts Promotion Association for the Disabled, R.O.C.

    Introduction of the Arts Promotion Association for the Disabled, R.O.C.

    Arts Promotion Association for the Disabled, founded in 1999, has been assisting the physically challenged to demonstrate their talent for the past 16 years. The association is passionately devoted to the cultivation of talent among these people. “The Dreamer League” as well as “Eye & Wheel,” for instance, are groups consisting of people who have disability but are good at dancing and music. They wants to tell their own stories through their performance and are planning to release albums, documentaries, and photobooks this year, hoping that their love and courage will then be able to reach every corner of the world.
  16. Enjoy Records Inc.

    Enjoy Records Inc.

    Enjoy Music is one of the most recognized music company in Taiwan. Eric Chen, a well-known and reputable producer in Mandarin music industry, is leading the company to be on top of music production, artists management specialty. Exploring and training new blood is the most important mission to Enjoy Music. The company consists artists, producers, song writers, musicians and engineers. The current artists are Jody Chiang (Chiang Hui), Xian-zi, Shara Lin, Mini Tsai, Kris Kuan, and Sean Lin...
  17. East West Best, Inc

    East West Best, Inc

    East West Best, Inc is the only Asian company in US to promote American concerts and Broadway Musical tours in Asia. The EWB presented the concert include: Air Supply, Steve Vai tour in China, Mariah Carey concert in Taipei, Chicago Band in Seoul, etc., Broadway musical RENT tour in China, South Korea and Taiwan; Fuerza Bruta 50 shows in Beijing, and 300 shows tour in China.

    Also the EWB presented many concerts at casino in Atlantic City, Connecticut City and Las Vegas. The concert include: Cui Jian, Sun Na, Chyi Chin vs Landy Wen, Fan Fan, Jam Hsiao, Chow Wai Man,etc.,

    office website:
  18. 上海傑鑫文化傳播有限公司


    上海傑鑫文化傳播有限公司is invested by the Taipei Juicy Music record label company based in Taiwan. It consists of members with experiences in performance, talent management, program planning and promotion. It is a multi-facet company with the status of independent legal entity. The company team congregates professionals from the entertainment and mass communication media industries, having experiences in program planning, integrated operations, managing talents and performers in the Mandarin speaking community, having a thorough understanding of the Mainland China entertainment consumer market. In using its knowledge, the company stages various concerts for renowned Mandarin speaking performers.
  19. 北美巨室音樂


    A commercial performance management company operates in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto.
  20. YL Entertainment and Sports (YLES)Co.,Ltd.

    YL Entertainment and Sports (YLES)Co.,Ltd.

    YL Entertainment and Sports (YLES) was founded in 2003, formerly known as YL ticketing agency. In 2014, the company underwent organizational change, and rebranded itself as YLES. The group later established subsidiaries in areas such as talent management, film production, sport events, technology, and finance. Currently, the group holds 13 subsidiaries in the country, while setting up other branch offices abroad, such as in Korea. Until the end of 2014, the company has accomplished over 50,000 projects, with box office amounting to 15 billion RMB, selling over 50 million tickets with over 30 million online vistors on our ticket booking website. The registerated users of YL ticket booking website is 7 million, our Weibo fans come to 2 million, and Wechat fans 20,000. In across over 50 cities in the country, over 500 theaters and auditoriums exclusively installed and used YL ticketing technology operating support system, including the National Center for Performing Arts and The Palace Museum. Since its establishment, the independent-operating YL Entertainment and Sports has been investing in the production of commercial performance events. In recent years, the branch has been involved in the organizing process of hundreds of concerts of different scales and categories. With large scale concerts starring singers such as Jay Chou, Faye Wong, Jacky Cheung, Eason Chang, Andy Lao, Hebe Tien, Yoga Lin, JJ Lin, Soda Green (band), as well as artists from abroad: Suede, James Blunt, One Republic, Justin Bieber, Sarah Brightman, Back Street Boys, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz and so on. YL has become one of the most renowned brands in the performance arts industry in China.
  21. 寶輝娛樂有限公司


    - Specialized technique and manner for client servicing, marketing strategy including sales promotion, branding development and advertisement production etc…

    - To serve client with good faith and true-hearted to meet client’s demand.

    - Strong working team, taking responsibility and to overcome difficulties to fulfill client’s request

    - Strong communication and close relationship with both national & international PR companies. To help client for developing and expanding its market in Mainland.
  22. 西安曲江啟唐文化傳播有限公司


    西安曲江啟唐文化傳播有限公司, founded 10 years ago, is one of the top commercial performance companies in China. Past experiences include executing large-scale concerts for Asian superstars, such as Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Jay Chou, Eason Chan, Feng Wang and EXO. We have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Nanning, Chengdu and Chongqing.


    Accupass, the flagship by Accuvally, is the number one social ticketing platform in Asia. Accupass provides complete cloud solution for event hosting and on-line registration services to customers from individuals to commercial organizers. Nowadays, Accupass and its sister service, Huodongxing, exclusively for China, work together to create the biggest online event marketplace with most events and organizers in Asia. In addition to its well-known brand and reputation in the Greater China, Accuvally is a rare pioneer to earn this huge undiscovered market with proven products. (
  24. Chongqing Performance Co.,Ltd

    Chongqing Performance Co.,Ltd

    Chongqing Performance Co., Ltd is a nationally owned corporation under the Chongqing Art Performance group. Chongqing Performance is the Executive Commtiee for The China Association of Performance Arts, as well as the Directing Commitee of The Chongqing Asssociation of Performance Arts. Today, Chongqing Performance Co., Ltd has become one of the major performance production and talent manage agencies in the south-west region of China, makng effort in introducting innovative artists and performance programs into the China market. Also, encouraging the development of China’s performance arts industry, as well as its interaction with the performance arts industries across the world.
  25. In Music Pty Ltd

    In Music Pty Ltd

    With the experience of organizing over 400 events, In Music utilizes comprehensive market research to hold concerts and provide thorough program arrangement at home and abroad for talent agencies. Music knows no boundaries, especially at live concert surroundings, in which the audience will immediately feel the power of music and be mesmerized whether before or after the events take place.
  26. 澳洲千百度


    A concert organizer.
  27. 西安曲江文化演出(集團)有限公司


    Xi’an Qujiang Culture Performing Group, established on July 10, 2007, with registered capital of 100 million yuan, belongs to Xi’an Qujiang Cultural Industry Investment Group and plays a very important role in the development of cultural industry in Qujiang New District, China. In possession of various resources, the company has collaborated with some of the most prestigious groups and performance companies from home and abroad. After investing 80 million yuan in purchasing world-class lighting and audio equipments (such as Martin lighting systems and Meyer Sound products), it also became the equipment supplier of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and received the Special Contribution Award from the organizer. Since its establishment, Xi’an Qujiang Culture Performing Group has organized more than 300 large performances and events.
  28. Magic Sound Entertainment

    Magic Sound Entertainment

    Magic Sound Entertainment, registered in the UK in 2010, is the best known Chinese concert organizer in Europe. The company has organized concerts in London and Manchester for Leehom Wang, A-mei, Fish Leong, Emil Wakin Chau, Jeff Chang, Power Station, McHotDog, Dave Wang and more.
  29. Bejing Bethinks International Culture & Media

    Bejing Bethinks International Culture & Media

    Bejing Bethinks International Culture & Media is a whole new innovative record label in Beijing. Its company ideals encompass a global outlook, innovative operation model, and resource integrating capacity in developing market competitiveness. The company business deals with organzing concerts (commercial and governmental ), copyright operation, value-added services, promoting events for companies and brands, customized services, talent management, drama and music production, record production and promotion, and pubilicity agent services. The company’s members include dozens of professionals from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Ever since founded, the company has maintained close ties with over a thousand businesses, tv stations, record companies at home and abroad, as well as cooperating with local governmental departments in China. We value each opoortunity to provide our service, striving to maintain our creativity and will continue in doing so in the future.
  30. trees music & art

    trees music & art

    Trees Music & Art, a folk and root music label, was established in 1993 by CHUNG Shefong. Trees collaborates with artists in producing quality music. The latest documentary film From Border to Border was nominated for Taipei Film Awards (2014), awarded the Jury’s First Prize of Woment Make Waves Film Festival (2014).
  31. Cheese Creative co., LTD

    Cheese Creative co., LTD

    Cheese Creative has rich resources and provides integrated services. Our areas of expertise include: annual strategic planning for brands, project execution, creative planning, PR, and event execution… We also operate our own clothing brands and distribution channels, such as DYC Clothing and 100% MIT, as we strive to give rise to Taiwan’s own fashion trends, so that Taiwanese fashion brands can become leaders in the world. We welcome anyone who is interested in our products or collaborating with us!
  32. Turn On Marketing Co., Ltd.

    Turn On Marketing Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2013, Turn On Marketing provides accurate and effective marketing strategies that help many companies, renowned artists and groups in digital marketing, advertising optimization, branding and so on. We are particularly good at mobile marketing media strategy. Turn On Marketing is a Facebook and Google Certified Ad Partner.
  33. FateBrand Consultant Co., Ltd

    FateBrand Consultant Co., Ltd

    Fate Brand Consultant provides diverse intergrated services: Drive focuses on key service points, Direct completes tasks effectively, and Design plans visual communications and conducts broad and in-depth studies on projects. All projects are managed in accordance to the needs of the clients, as Fate is highly cooperative and professional, providing our clients the best comprehensive services. Our services include: comprehensive planning, advertisement creativity, design and development, PR, event execution, planning and execution of domestic and overseas exhibitions, as well as post-production.


    Forward Music was founded in 1995 by famous variety show hostess Chang Hsiao-Yen, her husband Peng Kuo-Hua, music professionals Chen Chih-Yuen, Chen Fu-Ming, and Lee Shih-Chung. In its early stages, the company was able to successfully help A-Mei to her current position as queen of pop in Asia. Forward has also released albums by A-mei, Su Rui, Zhang Yusheng, Stella, Kris Philips, OuYang FeiFei, Huang Lei, Tao Ching Ying, Sky Wu, Van Fan, Bright Pu, A-FÜ Teng, and Zony and Yony. The company has also released original soundtracks for movies such as Cape No. 7, Seediq Bale, and Beyond Beauty-Taiwan from Above, through interdisciplinary cooperation. The company consists of professional divisions including Mandarin, international, production, and new media, engaging in production, promotion, and releasing. Forward’s vision is to bridge old and new, and encourage originality. With the spirit of “insist on good music, in love with good voice,” Forward actively fosters new music talents, and keeps pace with international trends; Forward is also invovled in diverse areas, such as children’s music and dance, neo-classical music, theme songs for TV drama series, and movie scores and music, actively exploring the global market for Chinese music industry.
  35. RIT (IFPI Taiwan)

    RIT (IFPI Taiwan)

    RIT is established in July 1985 and the representative office of IFPI in Taiwan territory and all member record companies of the RIT also are members of the IFPI International. RIT’s goal is to promote record industry, tackle pirated infringement and improve domestic copyright protection environment. Members of RIT include Warner, University, Sony three international major companies as well as HIM, Avex, Gold Typhoon, JVR, Linfair, Rock and Seed eight main stream record labels in Taiwan. Music products of RIT’s member companies represent more than 80% market share in both Taiwan and Mainland China market. RIT is the largest music phonographic group in Taiwan. More than 80% of the global Chinese language recorded repertoires are produced and published from RIT member companies.
  36. ARCO


    ARCO is established in September of 1989 and admitted by the competent authority, the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, as a copyright collective management organization for sound recordings and audio-visual works, mandated by copyright owners of sound recordings and music videos to manage their rights of public broadcasting, public performance, public presentation for sound recordings and music videos and the matters of royalty/remuneration collection. ARCO’s member include 40 or so record labels in Taiwan. Other than the mandates from local record labels, ARCO also is commissioned to manage the licensing matter on behalf of IFPI’s 1300 record labels around the world. ARCO is the largest copyright licensing management organization for phonograms and music videos in Taiwan.
  37. EdenFront Marketing & Communications Consultancy Ltd.,

    EdenFront Marketing & Communications Consultancy Ltd.,

    EdenFront Marketing & Communications Consultancy Ltd. (EF) is a public relations and consultancy company that focuses on consumption, biotechnology, and medical industries. With the ability to formulate precise PR strategies, organize media campaigns, and make integrated advertisement plans, the company can utilize its creativity to create issues that attracts people’s attention. EF specializes in making use of news issues and improving brand values through all kinds of innovative marketing channels so as to make achievement with its clients.


    Wild Soul is an indie music lable founded in 2014 by singer/songwriter Connie Lu, whose first album Endless Road, all produced and written by herself, was published at the end of 2014. Operation includes album production, marketing, promotion, and distribution, talent agency, and song and lyrics agency.
  39. Hiiir


    Hiiir was the grand prize winner of Facebook Ads API Hackathon and the only certified company of Facebook PMD. Hiiir is the authorized distributor for Tapjoy, the leading mobile advertising platform in the world, and has become a major brand in mobile media. As for mobile applications, Hiiir received the most creative award under the website category, and application marketing for the 12th CLICK award. The company has developed a new foodie oriented LBS application called “Xiang Nong”, and the mobile push notification application called “Qbon You Hui Qiang”, are all very popular applications.
  40. Viscovery Pte. Ltd.

    Viscovery Pte. Ltd.

    Viscovery provides visual search that allows customers to scan any product they would like to buy to instantly get the product information or even to make a purchase. The application of visual search in our daily lives enhances the connection between offline and online(O2O), and provides us with a more convenient lifestyle, which change consumer behavior dramatically. Google recognized Viscovery as successful entrepreneurship and Viscovery also won several awards in some international startup events such as Techventure, Inter APEC challenge and 2014 Beijing GMIC(Best Innovation Model) in the past few years.
  41. Neo Studio

    Neo Studio

    Neo Studio Exhibition Hall is located in the most prestigious district in Taipei, the Xinyi district. The exhibition hall space is up to 6 meters tall, and 950 square meters, with a very squared and even layout, can be easily prepared for any kind of event. Tens of millions of dollars have been spent in constructing its urbane exterior, with a large LED wall sized 10 meters by 3P5, a 10-meter professional bar, and 38 restrooms, all of these upscale facilities are included in the rental fee, no extra charge.
  42. Asiaway Innovative Technology Ltd.,

    Asiaway Innovative Technology Ltd.,

    Asiaway Innovative Technology Ltd., established in 1987 by a group of music talent, has been authorized as the first official agent by Digidesign based in the Unites States. It has defined the standard of digital recording in Taiwan and acquired professional reputation in the industry. The company began to expand its business in 2010, combining digital technology with video and audio systems. Asiaway Innovative Technology continues to provide its clients, including schools, public agencies, concert organizers, recording studios, and music producers, with the most innovative and state-of -the-art equipment and systems.
  43. SinoMusic International Co.,Ltd.

    SinoMusic International Co.,Ltd.

    Farida is a Taiwan-based OBM of guitars. Sino Music, the sole agent of Farida in Taiwan, takes care of its sales and promotion activities. Farida factory in Guangdong, China, has 700 employees and over 40 years experience in guitar building. It provides professional guitars for musicians and bands.
  44. Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.

    Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.

    One of the “Big Three”, Sony Music Entertainment, a global record company, is the world’s second largest music company with offices in more than 50 countries. The company boasts a roster that includes a broad array of both local artists and international superstars who are some of the biggest names in the industry including Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Barbra Streisand, Bob Dylan and One Direction. Artists under its Taiwan subsidiary include A-Lin, Joanna Wang, Eric Chou, Ailing Tai, Eve Ai, Hu Xia and more. Sony Music Entertainment is also the owner of several record labels and a vast catalog that comprises some of the most important recordings in history that span various musical genres and decades.


    Da Da Arts is founded in 1998. As a professional promoter/producer and management, we present a total solution of performing arts.

    Two most important music festival in every March and October covering pop/rock/jazz/world and cross music, on line ticketing service with 10,000 outlets at 7-11 / Family convenient store and 24 hours on line booking. Da Da Arts has promoted artists such as SANTANA, Deep Purple, Richard Marx, Sadao Watanabe, Keiko Lee, Akon, Sean Kingston, Opera, Mischa Maisky, Accardo, Royal Shakespeare, Ballet and Musical, etc. We also produce our own show touring abroad.
  46. JVR Music International Ltd.

    JVR Music International Ltd.

    The name of JVR Music International Ltd. is derived from the names of three people: singer-songwriter—Jay Chou, his partner—Vincent Fang, and the general manager—JR Yang. Just as Jay always insists on the quality of his work, the “golden team” will continue to surprise their supporters in this fantastic world of music!
  47. Sky-Red Integrated Marketing Communication Co.,Ltd

    Sky-Red Integrated Marketing Communication Co.,Ltd

    SkyRed was founded in 2010, providing its service for large scale business events. The yearly client increase rate is 20%, and the accumulative number of clients served is over 350,000. The company focuses on assissting businesses promoting internal marketing through different programs, and helping them to make contributions to the society, environment, and culture. In 2012, the company published the first magazine dedicated to organizing business events, EVENT365, it was released to major companies in Taiwan. In 2014, the company founded a talent discover platform for artists to perform in business events. The company collaborated with about 1,000 artists, and has helped promote Taiwanese performers and their performances to be seen widely across the country.
  48. Thorny Rose Digi-Media Studio

    Thorny Rose Digi-Media Studio

    Thorny Rose Digi-Media Studio has one of the top teams in the industry, providing commercial publishing services that exceed your expectations. We have worked with renowned domestic and international companies, reaching international standards in our production. We provide multiple music & video production solutions and will continue to improve the quality and develop new technology to deliver better services.
  49. Tour Creative Corp.

    Tour Creative Corp.

    Tour Creative Corporation was established in 2014 by the leader and drummer of Luantan band, Jacklon Tung. Its core business covers artist management, event organization, and music production (songwriting, recording, remixing, and post production), and it proactively works with various labels from home and abroad. B-mic Studio, owned by Tour Creative, is equipped with console of the same level as those possessed by Abbey Road Studios in the United Kingdom, and it also has the most advanced analog recording equipments to provide professional recording and remixing services.
  50. Rock Records Co., Ltd.

    Rock Records Co., Ltd.

    Over 30 years independent music company covers all Chinese regions, Rock Records Co., Ltd. is the largest Mandarin repertoire! Full-scale global digital distribution network in China. Top-quality live house: Rock House at Guangzhou. Over 30 years music industry experience.
  51. Pipe Live Music

    Pipe Live Music

    The space for Pipe Live Music used to be a historical water pumping station, built in 1964. It was reused and managed by local businesses. The founder of Pipe Live Music, Dong Jhih Wei, found that the echo effect of the space already provided the fundamental aspect of a recording studio, and from then on, even transformed the space from a recording studio to music live house. Pipe, formerly a water pumping station, and being transformed into a music hall, is thus a unique example of space reutilization. The enormous water pumping motor and crane helped shaped the heavy-industrial image of the 330 square feet, 300 people capacity mid-sized compound exhibition hall.
  52. Mala music

    Mala music

    Mala music is Taiwan's first founded by the visually impaired Records. We help local creators have a sound platform, we have a new way to review the past Taiwanese songs, giving them a different atmosphere. Mala music is a social enterprise, every album has a visually impaired persons involved.
  53. 1212 MUSIC

    1212 MUSIC

    Just as Rome was not built in one day,
    musical achievement cannot be made in one day either.
    Genius and luck alone are not enough. Instead, we need to take one step after another,
    and that is why we are called 1212 Music.
    One-two-one-two. Step by step.

    In 1212 Music, we do not do a lot of things,
    but we try our best to do everything well,
    including band management, song writing, album production, media promotion, and event organization.
    One-two-one-two. Here we go!
  54. 世代娛樂及製作有限公司


    An entertainment & production company located in Macau SAR, provide services and organize events in Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southern China. Promote concerts as orgainizers includes but not limited to Show Luo Macau concert2013 and 2014, Rainie Yeung Macau 2013, Bruno Mars 2014, Fei Yu Ching 2014 Macau, SHE VIP event 2014, Andy Hui 2015 HK, Joey Yung 2015 Macau etc.
  55. ConneXionONE


    XONE (pronounced as “zone”) is an interactive mobile application which offers mobile 2.0 user experience across a variety of activities, such as reading articles, playing mini-games, conducting surveys and so on. Best of all, XONE users earn points that can be redeemed to make free calls!

    We are dedicated to delivering the best user experience. That is, to provide a sleek and clean look & feel for users, while ensuring marketers can reach their target audience in the least intrusive way. We analyze each user’s behaviors and deliver the most relevant and interesting content based on each user’s past


    Seed Music Group produces, manages, promotes, and distributes all music, and music related copies, publications, and copyrights. We also manage artists, artist performances, and artists’ publications. Owning over 2000 Chinese pop/indie pop songs, we aim to increase over 500 songs annual through production, brokerage, and purchases in next few years.

    ●Music production●Publishing●Promotion●Concert agency●Music copyright agency●Artist management ●Performance practice●Integrated Marketing
  57. StreetVoice(Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

    StreetVoice(Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

    StreetVoice is an Online to Offline platform dedicated to new musicians. As the only company in Taiwan focusing on this field and doing the vertical integration, we provide services from discovering musical talent to incubation, event curation, distribution, and media.

    For music lovers, StreetVoice is a music discovery site where you can listen to all the new and coolest songs that couldn't be found anywhere else. / For talents, it’s a place to showcase works and find opportunities.
  58. Profita Publishing

    Profita Publishing

    The operating divisions of Seed Music Group are Seed Music dedicated to recorded music services Profita Music Publishing Co., Ltd. focused on music related copyright, and Interactive Seeds Agency Co., Ltd (ISAC). Profita Co., signs up hundreds of songwriters and composers from China, Korea, Japan and Malaysia. ISAC shoulders to train promising young artists for the purpose of a full range of new faces, including drama, singing, advertising artist management as the core.


    BLUE SKY PRODUCTION was established in 2003. Operation includest the planning, production and operation of concerts by artists. Over the past decade, the artists whom BLUE SKY PRODUCTION has collaborated with include: Mayday, Fish Leong, Karen Mok, Jonathan Lee, Sodagreen, Emil Wakin Chau, Lo Ta-yu, Chang Chen-yue, MC Hot Dog, Cheer Chen, Crowd Lu, Tanya Chua etc. Big music concerts include: SuperBand: The Tour, Rock 30, etc.


    Rock n Roll x Taiwanese Banquet = RockBandOH Festival

    Debut in 2011, not just playing rock 'n' roll, but also eating rock 'n' roll !

    RockBandOH is a generated dream making movement from music enthusiasts. It is inspired from a class at university, intending to bundle rock music and Taiwanese old traditional ways of banquet that always gather friends and relatives together, transforming all these ideas into RockBandOH Festival.

    If you don’t know Taiwanese rock music, flock to enjoy RockBandOH. If you know how Taiwanese get around, come to eat RockBandOH.

    Rock is not just Rock, a Banquet is not just a banquet, it’s over and beyond your expectations! Flocking to rock, gathering for banquet, get familiar and get closer!

    Presenting you the best scene of Taiwanese local Rock music.

    Getting tight with people through music.

    Gettting flavor in memories.
  61. KC SOHO Photography Studio

    KC SOHO Photography Studio

    Photographer K.C. Liu has over twenty years of experience in photography. Having lived abroad for many years, Liu has continuously worked with his passion, photography. To Liu, photography is not as simple as to capture beautiful objects or events; rather, it is a feast, an expectation, an indulgement and taste. Once you visit KC SOHO Photography Studio yourself, you will immeidately experience the most natural, comfortable, and joyous way of interaction.
  62. Poly Property Group

    Poly Property Group
  63. Doundtron Entertainment

    Doundtron Entertainment

    The members of Doundtron Entertainment are all professionals from the music industry. The company focuses on music creation and production, with involvement in the process of lyric and song writing, composing, recording, audio-mixing, audio post production, talent management. The company’s works include popular music records, advertisement score, video game music, TV score, audio books teaching material, and independent production albums. Members of this company have passionate musical production ideals that not only gained recognition by fellow colleagues of the trade, but also provided a unique experience for the audience.
  64. NEWAVE Integrated Marketing Communication Co.,Ltd

    NEWAVE Integrated Marketing Communication Co.,Ltd

    NEWAVE Integrated Marketing Communication places itself as a pioneer in integrated marketing, hoping to provide more energy and vibe for clients with the brand’s vitality. NEWAVE has set up an office in the Neihu Technology Park to offer one-stop services of integrated marketing, including integrated marketing planning, creative visual design, event planning, hardware design, and talent management, all provided by our creative and professional team.
  65. HereO Inc

    HereO Inc

    One of the leading crowdfunding platforms in Taiwan, focused on music and performance projects. Over 10 million have been raised for completing the artists' projects, e,g music concert and album.


    MOVINGSTAGE is designed and produced by FREE’S, gaining two exclusive patent certification from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. Combining stage design, audio stereo installation planning, CI design, automobile resource, and car advertisement, the professional team is able to complete the projects starting from discussion, design, to execution, effectively utilizing the provided monetary resources, planning the best route on road depending on the merchandise and customer needs, and employ set time and location strategy in achieving maximum marketing effects.
  67. Jilee Culture Ltd.

    Jilee Culture Ltd.

    Jilee Culture Ltd. , founded in late 2012, with the construction of pop music education,to starting and exploring the cultivation of pop music industry professionals as the goal, through organizing all kinds of activities for the future development of Taiwan's pop music work in optimizing the labor market.
  68. online Taiwan Branch online Taiwan Branch

    In the past five years after Weibo established, it has had over 5.36 billion users in China and over 190 countries. Weibo can be seen as a microcosm of Chinese society. In addition to appeal general public, it also attracts celebrities, public figures, media, business, government and charities to join in. People share their innovative ideas and lives through Weibo, government propagates the public policy through Weibo, charities raise funds on Weibo. Weibo is committed to make the world a better place.
  69. Linfair Records Ltd.

    Linfair Records Ltd.

    Linfair Records Ltd. was established in 1961 by Mr. Linfair Chang, at the same year, became the licensee of Decca in Taiwan which is the world’s leading classical music label. Except for foreign license labels, Linfair Records began developing in the Chinese-language pop music in 1986 and being the leading Chinese pop music label, comprises its broad roster of legendary artists in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. The current best-known artists, including Harlem Yu, Christine Fan, Michelle Chen, William Wei, Pei Tzu Tseng, Claire Kuo, Jin Wen Tseng, Wen Fang Wu, Chien Shi Yang, Aggie Hsieh, Bii, Miu Chu, Andrew Tan, Ian Chen, Dino Lee and other new generation singers.
  70. Double Bliss Welfare And Charity Foundation

    Double Bliss Welfare And Charity Foundation

    The goal of establishment for Double Bliss Welfare and Charity Foundation are implemented the vision of "social service" and "welfare" in Taiwan society.

    Our service targets including:

    Children, youth, Female, the elderly, and the handicapped

    Our Social Services including:

    Day care, disability services, early treatment and education services, the guidance of community work , the Autism Children daycare Center services, vulnerable and high-risk family services, new immigrant community services, welfare community service for the elderly, single-parent families and children’s tuition service, Crisis reconstruction center for Ali mountain.
  71. The AU Review

    The AU Review

    Set up by Larry Heath, the online publication the AU review is one of Australia's most popular music and culture publications. First appearing in Sydney in August 2008, with Melbourne coverage appearing soon after. The site went national in 2009.

    As of April 2015, the site has over 100 regular contributors - with every capital city in Australia covered. The AU Review aims to spread the sound and voice of Australian music globally and feature focused International coverage at major events such as Glastonbury, South by Southwest (SXSW), Canadian Music Week, The Great Escape, Music Matters, CMJ, Culture Collide, ACL, Lollapalooza, MU:CON and a host of other events internationally.


    UNIVERSAL MUSIC today is the world's largest music group, we have the most well-known brands and outstanding popular artists from the Mandarin Pop music, International Pop music, Classical and Jazz Music, and World music, countless music catalogues are our most extensive music resources.

    Universal Music Group is the world's top Mandarin Pop music company which has many popular artists, including: Jacky Cheung, Will Pan, Van Ness Wu, Karen Mok, Stefanie Sun, Rachel Liang, Sodagreen, Dawen Wang, Da Mouth ..... and many other pop idols, and high-quality creative artists and groups. In addition to having a strong market share in album sales, Universal Music keep publishing works with high credits in Mandarin Pop market. Also, UMG had been recognized by Taiwan Golden Melody Awards in recent years with award-winning recognition.


    B'in Music was found in 2006. Both founders Ason Chen and Julia Hsieh were experienced executives from the previous “Rock Records & Tapes.” They led a group of local young talents growing to be the music phenomenon of the post-internet generation. “Believing in the power of music and creativity” is the theme of the company and also the way to allow it to be one of the top Asian record companies. B'in Music's top artists include Mayday. Rene .Della . Maagice Power .Yan-j .Ann .Jia jia .Luantan-Ascent.
  74. Rock Music Publishing Co.,Ltd.

    Rock Music Publishing Co.,Ltd.

    Rock Music Publishing Co., Ltd has been founded since 1990. Now is in charge of publishing affairs of Wakin Chau/Ayal Komod/Wu Bai/Aniu/MC HotDog/09 Chen/Shi Shi/io /FUN4. For the huge success of interner and new mobile-technology, we hope the great achievement of music can be accomplished from our legendary songs to brand new ones in the near future.


    See Music is an innovative and all-in-one Internet music company and platform that specializes in online live concert broadcast, Greater China copyrights agency, and talent agency. We gather emerging music talents and strive to create values and provide the best services for music talents and music fans, aiming to ultimately influence and change traditional music industry.
  76. Adgens Digital Marketing Inc.

    Adgens Digital Marketing Inc.

    Adgens Digital Marketing Inc. is a new kind of advertising agency focus in the 'New Mobile Era'. providing whole digital communication service to clients. We have great ability and experiences in mobile, social & content marketing, which help brands to have complete digital marketing strategy and plan.
  77. MidiMall Inc

    MidiMall Inc

    MidiMall Inc is the agent for more than twenty prestigious brands of audio equipments, such as sound recorder, sound mixer, and audio post production system, and it is constantly working on the development of quality products. The company is known for its professionalism, friendliness, and responsibility, and its employees all possess considerable experience and comprehensive knowledge in this area.
  78. Wind Music International Corporation

    Wind Music International Corporation

    Wind Music is a Taiwan based company whose focus is to produce and license music worldwide. The goal of Wind Music is creating a quality life for listeners.

    Wind Music successfully arranged the only Native Nature Music series in Taiwan with exact and unique marketing. And Chinese New Age Music series are also the best seller with numbers recognition of domestic and foreign musical awards.

    Besides promoting the quality musical life, Wind Music also holds diverse cultural events such as regular music study group, pubic musical performances.

    The “Music for everyone ” idea helps Winds broaden and deepen the significance of both music and life. We have the vision to develop even further commercially, culturally and socially in a good balance. We work closely with musicians, producers who are ready to fulfill customers’ musical needs.
  79. Click Music Co. Ltd

    Click Music Co. Ltd

    -About Click Music-

    Established in 2003 with a focus on Taiwan pop music, Click Music develops independent music bands worldwide. The three major business lines of our company include music agency, domestic and international music performances, and music campaign activities.

    -Our successful overseas projects including-

    2011-Pop Montreal Music Festival 2012- (Korea)Pentaport Rock Festival、(Japan)Summer Sonic、(Japan)Shima Fes. 2013-(Korea)Pentaport Rock Festival、(Singapore)music matters、(Indonesia)Java Rockin’Land 2014-(Canada)Canadian Music Week、(Singapore)music matters、(Indonesia)Java Rockin’Land

    About TRASH
  80. xideas marketing consultancy Co., Ltd

    xideas marketing consultancy Co., Ltd

    Business mainly in the shot Period(1~3 mounth) exhibition planning, performing shows 3D images, and special effects with their customized special visual images produced exclusively apply to the entity activities; or virtual image effects.

    In 2001, an independent establishment of xideas marketing consulting Co., Ltd. Has founded by the Third Wave Corporation of Technology’s “Marketing Business Department”, one of business unit of Acer Group’s, since then, our company’s operation objectives to reach the all-around of the integration of all marketing consultants!

    The xideas’s definition for “service” is to exceed more than what customer needs and levels up the satisfaction can be provided by our professional consulting team.
  81. AIR


    We are a young, creative concept and organizing agency.

    We create, develop and organize our own concepts and events in collaboration with the best partners. Moreover, we discover new events all over the globe and import those to The Netherlands and other European countries.

    We strongly believe in joining forces with partners to establish beautiful projects. Our projects vary from business to business and from business to consumer projects. The projects range from large and straight-forward to small and creative.
  82. Fjuze


    We are a young, creative concept and organizing agency.

    We create, develop and organize our own concepts and events in collaboration with the best partners. Moreover, we discover new events all over the globe and import those to The Netherlands and other European countries.

    We strongly believe in joining forces with partners to establish beautiful projects. Our projects vary from business to business and from business to consumer projects. The projects range from large and straight-forward to small and creative.
  83. Brandex Brand Strategy / Design

    Brandex Brand Strategy / Design

    Brandex is an energetic & highly focusd brand agency with deep expertise in brand strategy, design, brand perception management, and brand engagement.

    We help clients define, create, and focus their vision and core-value that are essential for brand to thrive, always believe in what clients can forward before inject our creativities to their uniqueness. We have an unique proprietary framework to ignite, create, and enrich brand perception, and also visualize these opportunities in a long-lasting experience imprint. (
  84. HIM International Music Inc.

    HIM International Music Inc.

    HIM International Music, Inc. (HIM ) was established in 1999 by group of pioneering industry experienced professionals led by Mr. Yen Ching, Lu. HIM is an independent record label and artist management company and the only listed company of entertainment industry in Taiwan.

    HIM’s core value lies in the discovery of the uniqueness of its potential artists and the development of their one-of-a-kind entertainment identity to create a win-win situation between itself and its artists. HIM has developed and continues to manage top-line groups S.H.E, Power Station, PopuLady, and F.I.R.; individual artist like Yoga Lin, Olivia Ong, and Shin.

    HIM is now focusing on 360 degree management, which includes acting, TV hosting, modeling, and book publishing. Famous actor Dylan Kuo, and popular TV host Sasa are all under HIM’s all-inclusive management as their performing career expands.
  85. ADPartner


    ADPartner, founded seven years ago, is an innovative marketing compnay that specializes in online advertising, RTB technology and big data analysis. We have offices in Kaohsiung, Taipei and Shanghai, and our Singapore office will be opening in 2015. The mission of ADPartner is to be an honest partner of advertisers and increase the international competitiveness of Taiwan’s digital advertising industry.
  86. Dajing entertainment Co.,Ltd

    Dajing entertainment Co.,Ltd

    Dajing Entertainment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is one of the major agencies in China investing in performance arrangements and talent management. Since 2009, the company has successfullly invest, produce, and arranged many high-quality concerts, stage plays, musical recitals, and childern plays, thus bringing forth many unique experiences for the Chinese audience, henceforth establishing the brand among other competitions. In January 2015, Dajing worked with 5 companies including online ticket booking company,, Bejing Times Cubic Cuture Communication Co., Ltd., and so on. Joining together, the companies cooperated in performance production, copyright importation, and performance operation, forming a new brand of coalition. By providing comprehensive services such as planning, producing and organizing business or cutural oriented performance programs, the coalition provided a one-stop convenient experience for clients. Dajing hopes to specialize in categorical planning investment and operation promotion for major performances and sporting events; and to provide event venues, publicity events, ticket booking service, talent management for businesses. In the long run, the company will become more involved in introducing and producing more quality performances, thus sharing the results with the mainland Chinese audience. The goal is to become more viable in providing a platform to encourage talents and stars performing in different major locations, helping them gain a footing in the domestic entertainment business, and in the end help make the China entertainment industry more comprehensive, professional, and par excellence.
  87. Lek Tong Culture Diffusion

    Lek Tong Culture Diffusion

    Lek Tong Culture Diffusion is a concert organizer which has been a long-time partner of Venetian Macao and organized many concerts in Macau and Mainland China.
  88. Cheer Music Entertainment Company

    Cheer Music Entertainment Company

    Cheer Music Entertainment Company was founded by Terry Chou, a veteran music producer in Taiwan. Over the past decade, the company has dedicated itself to discovering and training young and independent artists and bands. Taking one step at a time, it has spawned many talented artists including Mixer (Best Band winner in the 25th Golden Meloday Awards), Connie (Best New Artist nomination in the 19th Golden Melody Awards/Best Folk Single in the 2011 Golden Indie Music Awards) and Achau (popular singer-songwriter on the Internet).
  89. South By Southwest

    South By Southwest

    SXSW Music, SXSW Film and SXSW Interactive take place Friday, March 11 through Sunday, March 20, 2016 in Austin, Texas.

    The South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conferences & Festivals offer the unique convergence of original music, independent films, and emerging technologies. Fostering creative and professional growth alike, SXSW® is the premier destination for discovery.

    Year after year, the event is a launching pad for new creative content. New media presentations, music showcases and film screenings provide buzz-generating exposure for creators and compelling entertainment for audiences. Conference panel discussions present a forum for learning, business activity thrives at the Trade Shows and global networking opportunities abound. Intellectual and creative intermingling among industry leaders continues to spark new ideas and carve the path for the future of each ever-evolving field, long after the events’ conclusion.


    BEIJING ERA FUTURE CULTURE & COMMUNICATION provides services such as organizing performances for businesses, and planning large scale cultural entertainments and exhibitions. ERA FUTURE is one of the most competitive companies of the trade. The company has an excellent operating team, with members all veterans of this field, and experienced in project execution. Between 2011 and 2015, the company has successfully organized concerts for famous singers such as Faye Wong, Eason Chang, and Andy Lau. The company also maintains close ties with star management agencies.
  91. Everything But The Culture Co., Ltd.

    Everything But The Culture Co., Ltd.

    Everything But The Culture has 16 years of experience in the pop music industry. It dedicates itself to producing and promoting pop music as well as passing down traditional Taiwanese arts and culture, particularly“Pili Puppetry”, which it has successfully introduced to Japan and the U.S., bringing new life to the music. Everything But The Culture has organized many concerts and big events too, including Oraara’s concert in 2014, World Games Exhibitions 2009 Kaohsiung, and Hundred Years of Taiwanese Puppet Show in 2005 and 2006.
  92. CS Innovations Marketing Group Co., Ltd.

    CS Innovations Marketing Group Co., Ltd.

    Focusing on consumers’ needs, we effectively integrate creativity and the media to provide integrated mass communication solutions. By utilizing and analyzing various research data, we study the market from different perspectives. We emphasize strategic thinking in order to fulfill and answer customers’ needs. We set clear goals and target audience, conduct in-depth studies on our targets’ consumption behaviors to plot and execute effective plans. We review the outcome of our operations to improve our works in the future.
  93. flyingV Crowdfunding Platform

    flyingV Crowdfunding Platform

    flyingV is Asia's premiere crowdfunding platform. Based in Taiwan, over 1000 projects have been published on flyingV with a 48% funding success rate.

    The Freebird Music channel looks to give a more personalized look and industry-specific functions to crowdfunding for the music industry
  94. DS


    DS is a PR company that focuses on large-scale events; from banners, stage, speakers, lighting, tents, wedding receptions, to comprehensive integrated marketing, product launch, family day, sports day, and fair, DS has accumulated over 10 years of event planning and design experience. The management: emphasizes on teamwork, learning, and growth. Design thinking: focuses on creative thinking, pursues the golden ratio of art and commerciality. Client end: provides best communication platform and solutions with integrity and efficiency.


    HyperArt digital marketing is an Arts and Technology collective and was established in 2008.

    Specializes in the latest cutting edge visualizingmachineries, providing statement-making interactive technologies for events and permanent installations.

    Serves as a role that brings all elements of aesthetics, technology and interaction together to better promote your products or services. Our principle is to integrate artistic value into commercial projects, and we yearn to create visually stimulating, artistic, and multi-sensory experiences.

    HyperArt is also the pioneer in Taiwan to provide such type of multimedia service for advertising events and exhibitions.

    Recent partners and clients have included Le Meridien Taipei、Marc Jocbs、Sisley、ASUS、BMW、Audi、AudemarsPiguetand many other innovative brands and arts-based organisations.
  96. Infinity Venture Partners

    Infinity Venture Partners

    Infinity Venture Partners invests in early stage Internet ventures in Japan and Greater China including Taiwan.
  97. ZYM Production Cor.

    ZYM Production Cor.

    ZYM Production was founded in 2008, with a focus on music production and talent representation. For music production, ZYM focuses on Taiwanese pop music’s originality, uniqueness, and locality, combining Taiwan’s rich and diverse music culture with world-class production standards, in aim to keep pace with global pop cultural trends. As for talent representation, ZYM considers artists’ originality, future prospects, and international appeal to plan local artists’ future development.
  98. HUNAN Performance Company

    HUNAN Performance Company

    Hunan Performance Company (Hunan Provincial Cultural Resources Development Service Center) was founded in October 1962. Originally a second-tier institution under the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture, the company was put under Hunan Performance and Arts Group in December 2013. It is a diverse, professional, and comprehensive state-owned cultural corporation. Hunan Performance Company has two “No. 1” in the cultural and art industry in Hunan: the first tier-1 performance brokerage insitution in Hunan to be approved by the Ministry of Culture; the only performance institution in Hunan qualified for overseas performance brokerage.
  99. arm of Gruppa Kompaniy Familia arm of Gruppa Kompaniy Familia

    1) Forum- State leaders, big companies and startups, research universities and venture funds! We are trying to gather the most significant representatives of the Global Music and media market. Our goal is to establish stable relations with leading Media & Digital content market and to demonstrate that the digital market is open to cooperation and ready to present the high quality of innovation and IT-solutions. Forum helps start-ups to enter an international market, entice investors and cooperate with foreign partners.

    2) Festival - Festaival of modern Asian Culture helps asian music and art creative youngsters connect with western funs

    3) Gruppa Kompaniy Familia - is a global venture company specializing in media and new media space. With extensive worldwide relationships and expertise in technology, media and copyright law, Gruppa Kompaniy Familia combines ideas, resources and people to execute and advise on ambitious venture projects. We study each situation diligently, plan carefully, execute decisively.
  100. Chongqing four people sports culture dissemination limited company

    Chongqing four people sports culture dissemination limited company

    Comprehensive cultural institutions of a company's full-time operation system. To the beginning, in the government and related agencies to support and support in Chongqing, the good cultural atmosphere, the government led, cultural bridge, market approach, for a large number of enterprises in-depth and extensive publicity, to oneself and enterprise with strong purpose, at the same time bring brilliant the cultural feast for the majority of the people of Chongqing.
  101. B'in LIVE

    B'in LIVE

    B’in Live, a major event production company, has undertaken over 500 events since its establishment including concerts, award ceremonies, corporate banquets, business events, and other live events.

    Our core competencies are to provide professional services in the areas of event planning and coordination, visual and stage design, and lighting and sound engineering. We are one of the only companies that has the ability to combine innovative planning and thorough execution in the area of live events.
  102. AdShare


    We identify, track and monetize your content in social media. What is AdShare? We engage fans and monetize brands. You create content, we create re
  103. Interwave . ltd.

    Interwave . ltd.

    In response to the exponential growth of mobile devices and the demand for temporary wireless internet access, Interwave provides the first wireless mobile marketing service in Taiwan – WiFi Connect. We offer cable and WiFi/4G solutions and marketing support for opening events, evening parties, music performances, concerts, autograph signing events, music marketing events, public relations activities, conferences, amusement parks and trade shows.
  104. Uni-SeLevenEventMarketing


    Uni-SeLeven Event Marketing is a member of Taiwan’s largest advertising group—United Communication Group, and focuses on interactive creativity, event marketing, and integrated planning. “O2O” is today’s marketing trend, and in addition to rich experience in event organization, we also strive to utilize digital interaction to create pleasant surprises at events, extending the effects of the events. Uni-SeLeven has rich practical experience in augmented reality (AR), interactive sensor, holographic projection, digital game design, and mobile interactive design.
  105. VA Product

    VA Product

    VA Product Inc., sister brand of Apple retailer STUDIO A under Foxlink Group, was founded in 2008. Early on, VA was the exclusive dealer of Apple accessories; in 2010, VA became MONSTER’s exclusive dealer in Taiwan, and began exploring the trendy and fashionable boutique headset market in Taiwan. Later on, in addition to introducing boutique headsets and speakers, such as SOL REPUBLIC, size&ope, and Ferrari by Logics 3, VA also targets the IoT market, and strives to discover more smart products so that consumers can experience a more convenient smart life.
  106. Universal Music Publ Ltd Taiwan

    Universal Music Publ Ltd Taiwan

    Universal Music has distributed millions pieces of music in the world, including classic songs across generations. Since its inception, Universal Music Publ Ltd Taiwan has dedicated itself to promoting music and discovering talented artists. It embraces the diversity of Asian music and has worked with music talents from different parts of the region, such as Kay Huang, Baby Chung, Johnny Chen, Adia, Ge Dawei, Rui Ye, Steve Chou, Chen Hsinjung, Ho Chihung, Jennifer Hsu , Michael Tu, David Wong, Lin Weizhe, Greeny Wu and Vivian Hsu.
  107. Gemini Media Productions Ltd.

    Gemini Media Productions Ltd.

    We are professinal Audio Visual Production Team that makes your planned and desired event come truth . We are rich experienced in stage managment. We are well equipped with high end AV devices that give total solution to internatinal meeting, concert, conference and simultaneous interpretation requirement. We do very well at live sound /video recording, PA system, projecction and presentation .
  108. BETWEEN CO., LTD.


    BETWEEN CO., LTD. (based in Taipei, Taiwan) was founded in 2015 by Raykai Chen (vocalist of 1976), Ason Chen (CEO of B'in Music), Yankie Tsai (CFO of B'in Music). BETWEEN is a coalition of multiple record brands and artists and is aspiring to further expand its partnerships.

    Aiming to foster representative artists in the independent music industry in Taiwan, we do more than managing indie-music artists brought in by the co-founders. With rich experience of our team and abundant media resources of the company, we also provide training programs, year-round music production plans and live tours arrangement exclusively for each and every artist.

    Currently the artists under BETWEEN Co. are 1976, HUSH, Mary See the Future, The Sign of Human, Macbeth, Orangegrass, and Easy.
  109. PROMIC (The Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture)

    PROMIC (The Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture)

    PROMIC (The Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture)was established to promote the development of music industry and culture throughout the world including Asia region.
  110. The Beatpacking Company

    The Beatpacking Company

    The Beatpakcing Company is the leader of mobile streaming radio service in South Korea with an application called the “BEAT.” Launched in March, 2014, it reached 2.7 million of total registered users and 0.9 millions of monthly active users. The company is now an emerging new key player in the Korean digital music market and mobile advertisement market. Along with the successful achievement in the domestic market, the company is now seeking to expand the service around the world.
  111. Taiwan Youth Dream Association

    Taiwan Youth Dream Association

    Joining hands with the public sector, Taiwan Youth Dream Association has organized a national music contest titled “H.O.T. Original Music Contest for Students” for three consecutive years. The event serves as a bridge between schools and the music industry, giving the hidden talent in high schools and universities an opportunity to show themselves and progress through different stages of the contest. After collaborating with Mei Entertainment in 2014, the association invites JVR Music to be the co-organizer of this year’s event.
  112. Deezer


    Launched in 2007, Deezer is a privately held company, headquartered in Paris with offices in San Francisco and around the world. Deezer is the first truly global on-demand audio provider, offering a digital music streaming service in more than 180 countries, with 16 million monthly active users and 6 million paid subscribers worldwide. Deezer is at the forefront of a streaming revolution, allowing fans instant access to the largest music catalogue in the world, with more than 35 million songs and 30,000+ radio channels on any device. Combining the best of man and machine, Deezer’s global editorial team searches for the best music around the world and its algorithmic recommendations help fans discover music they will truly love.


    Founded in 2007, Taipei International Public Relations Association (TIPRA), once known as Public Relations Association, aims to provide a platform for professional workers in the industry to exchange ideas as well as to communicate with and assist one another. The association has expanded in the past two years and joined the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Taipei, becoming one of the six major associations in the industry. In the future, TIPRA plans to promote the interaction between organizations based in Taiwan and China. The association hopes that, through its effort, more people will be able to appreciate the value of public relations and that the status of the entire industry can be improved.
  114. Fenice Dream Corp

    Fenice Dream Corp

    Fenice Dream Corp specializes in online shop design, responsive web design, shopping cart design, and customized web development. We also provide web design courses as well as website maintenance and management.
  115. Joycezionjilya Co.,Ltd

    Joycezionjilya Co.,Ltd

    (JZ Design)Joycezionjilya is an experienced team that is good at identity, graphic, packaging, websites, exhibition design, commercial photography and special printing .

    We want to be your branding partner by providing total design solution with effective communication no matter which industry.
  116. National ICT Industry Promotion Agency(NIPA)

    National ICT Industry Promotion Agency(NIPA)

    NIPA devotes itself to reinforcing the competitiveness of the IT industry and contributes to the economic growth through the efficient support and laying the groundwork for the industrial technology promotion.

    Major businesses are
    - Policy research and development support for the IT industry
    - Help establish the foundation of the IT industry and cultivate its human resources
    - Vitalize the distribution market for the development of the IT industry and support marketing
    - Promote businesses related to the convergence and utilization of IT technology
    - Support international exchange, cooperation, and overseas expansion related to the IT industry

    NIPA will contribute to the national economy by responding to the call of the times, which is 'fusion, collaboration and green growth,' with customer-oriented management based on professionalism and creativity.
  117. Star digital technology

    Star digital technology

    Star Digital Technology was founded in 1992. Operation includes: web development, app system development, and new media integrated marketing services. Over the past 20 years, we have built a large customer base and partner network. We always strive for professional excellence, innovation, persistence and high quality.
  118. Taiwan Micro Enterprises Development Association

    Taiwan Micro Enterprises Development Association

    Taiwan Micro Enterprises Development Association provides various resources and 0-3-year mentorship for one-person startups and microenterprises. Other services include: applications for government funding for Taiwan and overseas exhibitions, exhibition marketing and O2O development.
  119. Deep Soul Electro Studio

    Deep Soul Electro Studio

    [Deep Soul Electro Studio] was established with the intention to promote Chinese original electronic music. Having recruited experienced creative talents from popular music, independent music and other art realms, [Deep Soul Electro Studio] aims at integrating Taiwan's affluent original electronic music energy through its comprehensive promotion and management ablities. Starting with mainstream, independent, cross-border and other music blocks, [Deep Soul Electro Studio] leverages its diversified business models to provide the general public with the most accurate perception of electronic music, and expects itself to become the first Chinese brand of electronic music.

    Main businesses:
    ◎ Cross-border, cinema & theater music production
    ◎ DJ & orchestra brokerage
    ◎ Music event planning
  120. Coolie Films Corporation

    Coolie Films Corporation

    The Coolie Films Corporation was founded in 2013 by director Hsu Hsiao-ming in Taipei. By undergoing a three-stage plan devised solely for the purpose of forming a collaborative team joined by creative talents and producers, the company is able to produce unique and exquisitely made films. Its goal is to become a leader of the industry by implementing planning and production skills as core competitive edge. In the first stage of the three stages, the goal is to become grounded in Taiwan, progress forward to China, and ultimately the entire Asia region. In 2014, the company produced the film “Sex Appeal”, directed by Wang Wei-ming; in 2015, director Chan Go also has a film due to be released with the collaboration of this company.
  121. Soul Live Box

    Soul Live Box

    【Soul Live Box】

    -Nothing But Taiwan Music-

    Soul Live Box is a Taiwanese internet music channel that broadcasts live performance recordings to promote Taiwanese music. It is one of the few music channels in Chinese-speaking areas.


    - Live performance recordings of Taiwanese music
    - Taiwanese brand placement
    - Music festival
  122. Forward Music Publishing Co., Ltd.

    Forward Music Publishing Co., Ltd.

    Established on 1995, Forward Music Publishing represents over one million repertories, mainly Chinese Mainstream, Western Popular, J-Pop, K-Pop musical works. Our business covers songwriter development, creative, licensing to users such as TV & Film, Digital Application, Records, and Games, etc.
  123. Punchline


    We are passionate about entertainment industry and are exploring in this field. We witness the drastic change in the global entertainment industry. It is rapidly integrated media with new technology, and develops a refreshing pattern that introduces sensual feast beyond imagination. However, we feel the vigorous industry in Taiwan losing its innovation and imagination gradually. Punchline conducts a new experiment that invites audience, fans, producers, writers, technology and industry managers who are concerning and highly passionate about this issue to join with. Together we could bring attention back on this reluctant issue to where it belongs. There are no gossips, exposing, flashing or paparazzi photos and videos, absolutely nothing. Instead, we assure you to be updated with a total different form of entertainment, stay tune!


    Shi Tien was founded in 1999 by a group of enthusiastic, creative, and devoted media professionals… The company provides services in static image, dynamic image, animation production, marketing, and visual design. With a global vision, we have been recognized by a number of major corporations in Taiwan, with whom we have established long-term collaborative relations. With vertical integration of all kinds of marketing tools, Shi Tien is always clear of our targets and direction, as we strive to help our clients in winning the recognitions of customers.
  125. Core music

    Core music

    CORE MUSIC was established on February 8, 2001 by MR. Han Luo-xian.

    Major in Entertainment Brokerage, Arts Training School?, Performances,

    Copyright Agent?, celebrity merchandise.


    was opened on September 2011.
    Introduce the complete agent system
    from Japan, Korea, Europe and USA .
    In order to cultivate comprehensively
    And make integrated career
    planning for the artists .
  126. TMC


    The Taiwan Music Culture International Association, a national non-profit institution, dedicates itself to the cultivation of musical creativity in local Taiwan, assists in the fostering of new talent, helps preserve the musical and cultural legacy on the island, and passes the precious resources on to the younger generations. The association also focuses considerable effort on promoting the exchange among various musical communities in Taiwan as well as among different generations, hoping that it can help strengthen the competitiveness of local music industry so as to create more opportunities for international collaboration.
  127. Niceday Event Design LTD.

    Niceday Event Design LTD.

    Niceday Event Design is a planning company with a focus on quality, creativity, and fashion. Whether it is a business PR event, major entertainment activity, or business cocktail party, Niceday Event Design can always provide professional event planning, venue design, and promotion services. Deeply-rooted in the Chinese community in Canada, we welcome all local or foreign clients, who intend to explore or expand in the Canadian market; utilizing various forms of media and marketing schemes, we help companies from different industries in brand promotion, image building, and integrated marketing.
  128. WOSBI


    WOSBI is a digital integrated branding and marketing company. Online marketing is only a basic tool, and our value lies in coming up with the most effective and innovative marketing strategies according to client’s brand life cycle. We provide professional brand services and help companies deliver accurate, effective and sustainable integrated marketing plans. We specialize in developing social media campaigns, creating communication and interaction with internet users through content marketing and strategic planning.
  129. Linfair Music Publishing Ltd.

    Linfair Music Publishing Ltd.

    Linfair Music Publishing Ltd. was founded in 1998 and signes hundreds of renowned writers, including Weibird Wei, Kevin Lin, Wei Chen, Kuang-Chong Yu, Tina Wang, Kimura Mitsutoshi, Dian Chen etc. Our published hits include Weibird Wei’s “Still”, Hu Xia’s “Those Bygone Years”, Harlem Yu’s“Gap”, Angela Zhang’s “Invisible Wings”, JJ Lin’s ”You N Me” etc.
  130. Facebook


    Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.
  131. Song Music International CO,LTD

    Song Music International CO,LTD

    Song Music International mainly focuses on music production, which includes advertisement music, TV and film music, game music, corporate songs, alternative record production, band management, music performance at various exhibitions and events, and year end party planning.
  132. Music Copyright Society of Chinese Taipei

    Music Copyright Society of Chinese Taipei

    Music Copyright Society of Chinese Taipei (MUST)

    Preface:The background of music copyright society.

    Legislation and organization:MUST was established by the right owners in Taiwan on January 01, 1999 based on the regulation of “Copyright Intermediary Society Act” and was approved by TIPO (Taiwan Intellectual Property Office) and obtained the registration certificate on May 26, 1999 from the court.

    Members:Our Members include different songs creators. MUST is the most representative and major music copyright society in Taiwan.

    Affiliated Societies:We are the member of CISAC which is an international organization that works closely with UNESCO and WIPO.

    Major licensing fields:

    Television:All the 4 terrestrial TV stations and major satellite/cable TV stations have been licensed.

    Radio:All the major radio stations are licensed.

    KTV's, Karaoke

    Concerts & Live Performan
  133. Hurray Digital Media Technology Co. Ltd.

    Hurray Digital Media Technology Co. Ltd.

    Hurray! Holding Co., the predecessor of Hurray Digital Media Technology, was founded in 1999, with a registered capital of 100 million RMB. It is one of China’s largest music groups, mobile phone payment groups, entertainment groups, and mobile phone game companies, and Hurray maintains a close strategic collaborative relation with Group China Corporation. Hurray Digital Media Technology is the leading entertainment industrial chain operator and mobile phone payment service provider in China.
  134. Artemis Music Group

    Artemis Music Group

    Artemis Music Group is founded by Peng Ji-Kang, a seasoned veteran in the pop music industry. Artemis is Taiwan’s most professional target management company with an expertise in the music and cultural and creative industries. Jurors and managers are all elites in the pop music and joint venture sectors, and the team is fully experienced in record production, concert, and media. When Artemis selects its investment target, it has already considered various future profit models, and is confident in terms of risk management.
  135. BlueMore Arts and Entertainment Marketing

    BlueMore Arts and Entertainment Marketing

    In addition to fostering diverse professional performers that have won world champions or Taiwanese champions, BlueMore Arts and Entertainment Marketing’s key services also include integrated PR and marketing, event planning, and planning and execution of stage lighting; we combine elements of multimedia interaction, digital lighting, video and audio effects, and customized design to create the most unique and innovative works, generating brand value and profit for our clients.


    Da Infinity possesses infinite creativity and persistent energy, with the acuumulated experience of many years working on project managemant and plan execution, is able to provide clients a comprehensive, well-fitted, and exquisite event organizing service. Among the various other PR and event organizing agencies in the market, our company is the only choice for you that is able to integrate available marketing resources and to fully execute projects, making us stand out among other competitions.
  137. VKING CREATIVE International Development Co.,Ltd.,

    VKING CREATIVE International Development Co.,Ltd.,

    V333 Creative Life Channel established by VKING CREATIVE International Development Co., Ltd. is a leading channel focusing on arts and culture. We introduce original designs, visual art, creative works and culture. Through our integration, a platform for Taiwan’s originality to the world shall be established. And the world will be a better place in accordance.

    The name of “V333” originates from the number “3”. It has the meaning of vision and infinity. In Chinese culture, "3" represents infinite creativity, infinite extension, infinite broadness and power.

    We expect to bring the local originality to the world,

    to advocate the international interactions of art and culture, and to promote the corporate value on originality.

    In sum, “V333” is a channel of innovative life and infinite creativity.
  138. YaYi Arts Ltd.

    YaYi Arts Ltd.

    The members of YaYi Arts all have the experience of studying abroad in art-related fields, also equipped with advance knowledge in management. We love art passionately, and am willing to shoulder the responsibilty of enriching the culture and sprit of our nation. As a cutural media company, we hope to provide more qualitiy performances, and through our efforts in organizing the cultural events, spreading the information of the esquisite performances, and delivering profound intellectual knowledge for the mass public, we wish to share the perfoming events with eveyrbody. It is also our desire to introduce more western culture and arts into China. Through these musical performances, our people would be able to enjoy world-class concerts. We hope to one day become the bridge for East and West culture, and to encourage the interaction between the two cultures.
  139. Easy Entertainment

    Easy Entertainment

    Easy Entertainment is a company with a business scope covering large-scale performance, concert, and cultural exchange event. In addition to event production for clients, the company also organizes own related entertainment and cultural events. The company strives to build its brand image in Toronto; in addition to major events, the company also provides services in event planning, celebration dinner galas, news release conferences, and so on. With a broad business scope and diverse channels of communication, Easy Entertainment is one of a few entertainment companies in Toronto.
  140. WeCan Public Relations Consultants Co.,Ltd

    WeCan Public Relations Consultants Co.,Ltd

    Established 25 years ago, WeCan Public Relations Consultants Corporation has grown with Taiwan’s political and economic environment. As it specializes in public relations management in the political circle, it focuses on the development of its network among various public agencies as well as policy negotiations and expands its business further to include PR management for enterprises and media. WeCan is experienced in marketing for local government, commercial marketing, public survey, press conference, political campaigns, and branding. In recent years, it has also become more involved in cross-strait affairs and thus aims to develop itself as the most well-rounded PR company in Taiwan.
  141. Universal Music LLC

    Universal Music LLC

    Japan branch of largest music company, Universal Music Group. Originally formed as Japan Polydor in 1953, Universal Music LLC grew through many M&As. Universal Music Group is part of Vivendi which is a global media and communication company.
  142. Diamond


    To savor an exquisite taste, enjoying an enriched flavor, and to fufill the dream of moving forward. The imaginary artistic scope of the Leonana Art & café stems from Leo Design company, with the brand designer, Wang Zhi Zhong, who is also the designer for 2017 Universiade VI leading the way. With originality education in mind, the company hopes to cultivate more original talents for Taiwan in the future.


    A visual key unlocks the doors to extraordinary new visions; we give brands new life, creating unlimited commercial values. We help clients establish own style and enhance brand image, as our expertise is to explore markets overseas and strengthen global position. To date, we have helped clients establish nearly 100 brands across Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, US, and Vietnam.
  144. Anlemouse Production

    Anlemouse Production

    ‧Ho-Hai-Yan Independent Music Award 2014 winner—Kyra Ray
    ‧Multimedia show at Eda Royal Theater—LED Man
    ‧The South Music: Original Music & Video Award by Kaohsiung City Government—The Beautiful Night
    ‧Openning show at the Golden Bell Awards—Luxy Boyz Anlemouse Production’s current roster of artists include “multimedia” band—KyraRay, avant-garde group—Luxy Boyz, and the ukulele queen—Vanessa, and its artists have performed in Japan, Hong Kong, Hawaii, China, Thailand, Europe, and the United States.
  145. Starbus


    Since its inception in 2008, Starbus has been providing innovative ideas and integrated entertainment resources as its core services. Other services include corporate marketing events, art & cultural activities and annual events. Starbus puts customer needs as first priority. With its creativity and energy, the company strives to provide well-rounded services that promote better corporate image.


    TEAM EAR MUSIC works with famous singer-songwriters such as Cheer Chen, Crowd Lu, Waa Wei, who possess great influence on and a strong attraction for fans and concert attendees. As an indie record label, the company continues to discover new talents and opens up a new horizon for the pop music world.


    ALFA MUSIC INTERNATIONAL is a Taiwan-based music label which enjoys high visibility in Greater China. Over the past decade or so, the company has discovered many artists and published various types of pop music albums. Artists that have worked with ALFA include Jacky Wu, S.B.D.W., Kan Kan, Eric Moo, Michael Shih in the past, and more recently Jay Chou, Jody Chiang, Landy, Nan Quan Mama and Dears.
  148. Wild Fire Music

    Wild Fire Music

    Wild Fire Music has followed the singing of indigenous people through winding roads, and encountered those who grew up singing. Their voice are perfect manisfestation of the verses: “wildfire does not burn it completely; when spring winds blow, it lives again!” They bring the singing voice from the mountains to the plains, so that people who have settled here can hear the songs; they travel overseas to take the singing farther, telling all the peoples in the world: “We are the indigenous people of Taiwan, we sing our songs.”
  149. 37 degrees Productions

    37 degrees Productions

    37 degrees Productions was founded in 2002. We have released a series of audio publications that are both cultural and musical, winning recognitions of various major pop music awards. 37 degrees Productions is the most explorative professional planning team in the area of original music in Taiwan at the moment, focusing on original pop music and music of Taiwan’s indigenous tribes. We are a professional team with a comprehensive publishing and retailing system, as well as expertise in music rights management.
  150. FunUV Multimedia Group Pty Limited

    FunUV Multimedia Group Pty Limited

    FunUV Multimedia Group was set up in Taiwan by a foreign company with the investment of NTD$210 million, possessing the latest patented technology, “FunUV Realtime Interactive Multimedia Platform” developed by FunUV Technology, and being integrated as a new international multimedia group. It provides a smart operating interface for video/audio streaming, internet surfing and online gaming all at once. The users can also watch digital cable & terrestrial TV programs and real-time interactive commercials.
  151. Light 2 Run Music Creation

    Light 2 Run Music Creation

    Founded by music producer The Little Prince of The Tree of Life, lyricist Wu I-Wei, and a group of music-loving friends. Light 2 Run Music has independently produced and released The Tree of Life’s first album “We Are Not Perfect,” and has accumulated over 500 singles in collaboration with Jam Hsiao, Show Luo, Han Geng, Rainie Yang, Cyndi Wang, and Angela Chang… Music must have the creative power to touch people’s heart, and we hope that we become the soil that fosters the light, which raidates the vibrancy of music.
  152. double time music

    double time music

    Double Time is not only a musical term, but also resembles heartbeats. It is as if the dancer keeps on dancing and moving forward, exuding vitality. Double Time has produced albums for Yujun Wang, and Yujun Wang with the Time Band, both albums has received awards from the Golden Indie Awards. Double Time’s spirit combines the essence of humanatarian care, grassroot movement, as well as the Taiwanese culture. With musical creativity as the main chord, Double Time seeks to find the endless possibilities of creation, and promote a unique audio experience.
  153. Sony Music Entertainment (China)

    Sony Music Entertainment (China)

    Sony Music Entertainment, headquartered in New York City, U.S.A., is a global recorded music company with a current roster that includes a broad array of both local artists and international superstars. The company boasts a vast catalogue that comprises some of the most important recordings in history. Sony Music Entertainment (China) is Sony Music Entertainment's subsidiary in China.


    Contains comprehensive music and video production,event and activity planing team, has all kind of hardware for outdoor or indoor activity, doses effort for Taiwan INDIE MUSIC. Has cooperative relationship with Taiwan POP musics and GOLDEN INDIE MUSIC AWARDS /Golden Horse Film Festival And looking forward to promote art and music creation from Taiwan to overseas.
  155. Sincerely Music

    Sincerely Music

    “To produce music and records, sincerely” Sinerely Music is a record label established in 2012, it used to be a music studio. Presently, it provides services such as record production and publishing, brand audio image design, professional sounds production , as well as concert planning and execution. The company’s works can be seen in various media platforms, such as movies, TV, internet, advertisement, new-media and so on.
  156. Halo Project House Co., Limited

    Halo Project House Co., Limited

    Founded in 2009, Halo Project House focuses its attention on business related to the music industry (concert, music, album production, etc.) while making use of relevant resources in the cultural and creative industry (such as visual design, graphic design, fashion design, and curating). With experience in professional marketing and public relations, the company aims to produce various music content services with cultural and creative elements and thus provide the public with the “products” that serve their needs best.
  157. Noisy Inc.

    Noisy Inc.

    The business scope of Noisy Inc. includes talent agency, music production, and publishing. Noisy Inc. represents Musou Band, which is Taiwan’s first all-female crossover band to play traditional Chinese music and has toured many countries throughout Europe, America, and Asia. Musou is a performing group that combines traditional Chinese instruments with innovative elements of pop music, and utilizes stage effects for explosive performances. Noisy Inc. adopts the management model of pop stars for the management of the band, incorporating both traditional and pop elements.
  158. Voice Alive Creation

    Voice Alive Creation

    Venessa Tsai is the owner of Voice Alive Creation and an instructor of Departent of Filmmaking and Center for Arts Resources and Educational Outreach, TNUA. Being a crossover vocalist who performs classical and pop music, she also serves as a vocal trainer for many talent show singers and new artists. Vanessa has been interviewed by major media outlets, including CTS News, CtiTV and Liberty Times, revealing her unique and easy-to-learn “singing method without staff notation.”
  159. Friendly Dog Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    Friendly Dog Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    Music producers Hung-Wu Lo and Kuang-Yuan Shen founded Friendly Dog in 1986. 1980 to 2000 was a brilliant era for Taiwan music industry, and Friendly Dog had a great honor to be involved. With its past experiences, Friendly Dog hosted the very first “Spring Wave Music & Art Festival” in Kenting, a very beautiful vacation spot in southern Taiwan, on the first weekend of April in 2006 and thus started the journey in live events. After 10 years of hard work, Spring Wave becomes the top 1 outdoor music festival in Taiwan and was said to be a must-go event that can’t be missed.


    Founded by The Chairman Band frontman Wu Yong-Ji and New Formosa Band bassist George Chao, the company’s business scope covers pop music, independent rock, recording, concert rehearsal, and talent representation. The company aims to enhance Taiwan’s music competitiveness by establishing recording studio; with special attention paid to the uniqueness and marketability of each album, the company gives the records one of a kind vibrancy. In 2008, the company recruited American recording engineer Andy Baker in aim to provide the most sound and comprehensive recording and rehearsing environment.
  161. Northstarr Entertainment

    Northstarr Entertainment

    Northstarr Entertainment is on the forefront of Urban music in Canada as a leading management and consulting company focused on Hip-Hop. The style of music features a broad range of smooth, soulful, conscious, and melodic Rap music.

    With a solid track record of success, including consistent charting on national College Radio Charts, regular national commercial radio and video play, and tens of thousands of views on YouTube, Northstarr Entertainment is rapidly building buzz on an international scale.
  162. Radio Taiwan International

    Radio Taiwan International

    Radio Taiwan International (RTI)is a government-owned station that broadcasts in 13 languages around the world, with a majority emphasis on Mandarin-language broadcasts over shortwave into China.


    SHINING FORCE is a production and publishing company which aims to spread beautiful and moving pieces of music throught its platform. Its works can be purchased on KKBOX and iTunes.In additoin to various merchandise items including CD’s, books and gifts, in recent years the company has integrated virtual and physical channels to present physical concerts, art and cultural performances as well as develop digital video and media marketing for more audiences.


    Besides opening up a vast music world, Zoommuzik aims at global market, and discovers more talented musicians, providing them more diversity of opportunities to create and to have a worldwide view on music. Zoommuzik is to provide high quality music, and to perfectly integrated music, new technology and sports by innovation marketing strategy to making the music unlimited and borderless.

    Zoommusik comprises a diverse roster of artists including singer Sam Lee, 2 Grammy awards winner-violinist Jamii Szmadzinski, professional tennis player Jimmy Wang. Founder Sam Lee’s love of sports and entertainment business experiences lead to the formation of sport management, which adopting professional sports managing system from abroad and providing the long-term plans for our athletes. Zoommuzik is also to create an international music industry with talented musicians.


    Kwan Kwan Integrated Marketing Company is one of the best professional musical event marketing companies. We have built up brands of cultural carnivals, concerts for international superstars, life-style parties, and events for enterprises. Every event has become the media attention in Taiwan.
  166. Chestudio


    The starting point of Che Studio came from the drive of a group of people that wanted to record albums by themselves. The company named itself “Che”, in hopes of channelling the great spirit of Che Guevara; his enthusiastic passion in chasing his dream and to care for all that surrounds him is an inspiration to Che Studio’s founding members, they wish to continue that spirit in their passion for music. In 2012, the members joined with director Lee Yen-hsun’s team, officially founded The Che Studio, producing music and film. From music production to film image creation, we provide professional expertise and unique creativity.
  167. Millions Enterainment Co, Ltd

    Millions Enterainment Co, Ltd

    Millions Entertainment Corporation was founded in 2010. The company was founded by the famous music producer Neil Fang in Taiwan.

    We are focused on Music Production and Artists Agency. We can also provide CD and DVD publishing, concert organization and TV commercial music, etc.

    In the future, We will enable the development of the cultural and creative department. To provide customers more diverse service.
  168. HoHo-Bai Na media&crative arts Co.,Ltd

    HoHo-Bai Na media&crative arts Co.,Ltd

    As a company full of talent, Ho Ho-Bai Na Media & Creative Arts Corporation is a young, dynamic, innovative and efficient company that provides quality services. The employees, who are highly trained and experienced in event planning and implementation, have both ideals and the ability to put them into action. For every project, they always try their best to take care of every detail. Not only do they conduct background research to demonstrate the essence of an event, but they also focus on creating a safe venue and attracting people’s attention.


  170. Qianjiang Evening News Department of art performing arts commune

    Qianjiang Evening News Department of art performing arts commune

    Hangzhou Qianjiang Evening News Department of Art Performing Arts Commune is a performing arts service platform that intorduces and promotes outstanding performances to local consumers. With powerful ability to integrate market resources, the platform provides talent agencies, entertainment companies and institutions strategic planning and execution services.


    The WENSHUI ARTS LTD. was founded in 2010, located in Zhongshang district in Taipei. The company also owns Wenshui Publish and Wenshuo Arts and Cutural Center, making effort to promote Taiwanese culture. Its publications include Taiwanese Practical Usage Dictionary, and Taiwanese Dictionary. In 2014, the company released the music album, Led by the Sea Breeze, produced by the Golden Melody Award winning producer Annie Lin, and recorded by the renowned recording enginer Wang Jia Dong, and hopes to preserve as well as tell the tales of Taiwan through musical notes.
  172. Robokatz Music Ltd

    Robokatz Music Ltd

    Robokatz Music – emerging indie record label specializes in composing, arranging and recording music scores for commercials. The Domain Media – video production branch PowWow Taiwan – event management branch
  173. CI


    CI was set up in 2003 as a powerful, open, secure and reliable platform which connects rights-owners to retailers, distributors and business-services. We deliver the most scalable and cost-effective means available for managing your digital business. Media providers retain 100% of your net sales revenue while they keep its own relationship with services. Basically we offer a delivery service to meet different technical specs for each every services. We are integrating with 250+ services worldwide and we are approved encoding house for iTunes(Including music videos). You can have a look at our video clip here
  174. Mei Entertainment LTD.

    Mei Entertainment LTD.

    Mei Entertainment LTD. was founded in 2007 and dedicated in performance brokerage, artist management, marketing, promotion...etc.Our significant artist is amei

    We also established a individual brand called Ya Sound Entertainment LTD. in 2014, which dedicated in promoting contemporary independent music and indigenous people's music in Taiwan and also their artist management. The artist under Ya Sound Entertainment LTD. is Boxing.
  175. 11 Production Co., Ltd.

    11 Production Co., Ltd.

    11 Production is a commercials production company with the full range of experience and expertise.
  176. ONYX Music Company

    ONYX Music Company

    ONYX mainly focuses on record production, band management, and performing art, and mainly deals with classical music and jazz. ONYX has released a number of records nominated for major music awards such as the Golden Melody Awards and Golden Indie Music Awards. As for band management, ONYX represents a number of well-known domestic bands including Taipei Jazz Orchestra. In the area of performing art, ONYX participates in the planning and execution of jazz festivals held at different cities, art events organized by public agencies, collaboration with famous foreign artists, and live band at concerts by pop stars.
  177. Wind Song Music International Co.,Ltd.

    Wind Song Music International Co.,Ltd.

    Wind Song Music was founded in 1980,import agent world music record label

    Total of over forty brands,more than ten thousand item of music.

    We buy any music Licenses and finished products of whole world..
  178. Emerge Music

    Emerge Music

    1999: first indie record label in central Taiwan, GAMAA MUSIC, was founded 2001: Lao Nuo Live House was founded 2006: GAMAA MUSIC and Lao Nuo Live House merged and has since become Emerge Music. It is the oldest record label and live house operator in central Taiwan, integrating event management, The Arts Dreaming Ark, Rock In Taichung Festival and others.
  179. Quad. Records

    Quad. Records

    BOSS, captain of Tokyo D, famous dance group popular in Japan and the Chinese music world during the 1990s, and producer Young Way team up to reinvent Chinese rap music, and thus create this music label of new pop concept. Quad Records aims for the world to hear Taiwan’s unique take on the world, as well as the natural embraciveness of the Chinese culture, and the unique music it gives rise to!
  180. Cros Music Ltd.

    Cros Music Ltd.


    In 2015 ICA form an alliance with Cros Music and work together becoming the closest partners for classical music market in Asia. Cros Music is a greater china based company which is a solid and cutting edge unit that discovers and bridges artists and music that holds the independent spirit to the world. At the same time, it also plays an important role as portal for label and artists outside the Greater China region.
  181. M.R.S Culture Entertainment

    M.R.S Culture Entertainment

    The muli-platform entertainment services were concieved in order to counter the modern multimedia environment. M.R.S. culture Entertainment mainly focuses on music production (integrating related resources), cutural events planning and execution, multimedia distribution operation, products franchising, and talent management related affairs. M.R.S Culture Entertainment consolidates resources acquired through the many years of working in the industry, built a sound brand reputation and media platform, helping to propel the cultural industry of the Chinese speaking community into a more mature stage. The company also actively explores the possibilities of the multi-demensional cutural and entertainment market.
  182. Taipei Jazz Orchestra

    Taipei Jazz Orchestra

    Taipei Jazz Orchestra features standard instrumentation: 5 saxophones, 4 trombones, 5 trumpets, and rhythmic section (guitar, piano, double bass, and drums). The orchestra rehearses every Monday evening, performing standard big band jazz numbers. In recent years, the orchestra has rearranged some Mandarin and Taiwanese oldies to meet the public’s taste. First album Knives Out released in 2012 Rearranged Mandarin and Taiwanese oldies album Rose Rose I Love You released in 2014.
  183. wooya


    Wooya has rich experience in producing events of different types and scales. Since its foundation, Wooya has executed over 800 events. In addition to campus concerts and graduation ceremonies throughout Taiwan, Wooya has also planned and coordinated large government events, public agency promotion, corporate gala parties, performances, and PR sponsorship projects. From creative brainstorming, market positioning, targeted promotional strategies, to selection of promotional channel, Wooya will always provide clients the most comprehensive integrated marketing service.


    This year the Intellectual Property Office of Taiwan has amended the copy right laws, affecting the rights of music artists. A few hundred artists have united and called out the government to pause the amendment process, finally letting the IPO realize how the song writers have been mistreated in the last two decades. The Taiwan music industry used to be the pride of the nation, but due to the negligence of the governement in safegurading its rights, resulting in the public misuse and misconceptions about copyrights, there is a fear that in the future, Taiwan would lose all its beautiful songs.
  185. Cincin Lee Production Ltd.

    Cincin Lee Production Ltd.

    Cincin Lee Production was founded by Golden Melody Award-winning movie composer CinCin Lee, whose works include theme music forDust of Angels, Double Vision, Island Etude, Miao Miao, Step By Step, Paradise in Service and First Of May. CinCin Lee won the Best Music Original Score at the 42th Golden Horse Awards for her work in the movie Blue Cha Cha. The company has published instrumental albums Story Island and I Love Taiban .
  186. Issac International Super Star Artists Company

    Issac International Super Star Artists Company

    2014 presentation: Issac International Super Star Artists Company specializes in lyrics and song writing, vocal training courses, voice recording, sound mixing & post-production, music video production, publishing and more. We offer one-stop services to our clients.
  187. aplus planning & production co., ltd.

    aplus planning & production co., ltd.

    A plus planning & production company established in 2006 With the industry's top event marketing planning, design and implementation of professionals, We have extensive experience in planning and executive producer of all kinds of events, we also has superior hardware and software integration capabilities, To provide A+ service for our clients.
  188. Coast Music Production

    Coast Music Production

    2014 presentation: Issac International Super Star Artists Company specializes in lyrics and song writing, vocal training courses, voice recording, sound mixing & post-production, music video production, publishing and more. We offer one-stop services to our clients.
  189. juicy music entertainment, co.,ltd

    juicy music entertainment, co.,ltd

    Juicy Music Entertainment is a concert & event organizer as well as advertising agency for Taiwanese singers in Mainland China.
  190. Sun Entertainment Taiwan Co. Ltd.

    Sun Entertainment Taiwan Co. Ltd.

    Sun Entertainment Taiwan was founded in 2014. Our core services are artist management and music production. Artists that work with our experienced team include: Landy, GJ, My Skin Against Your Skin, Andy Hui, Fiona Sit, Jack Kim and more. Also, we organize and distribute concerts (such as Beast) as well as invest and participate in filmmaking and movie distribution, such as acclaimed Kill Zone and From Vegas to Macau.
  191. Billboard


  192. chongqing art performance group co.,ltd.

    chongqing art performance group co.,ltd.

    Introduction of Chongqing Art Performance Group

    Chongqing Art Performance Group is established in April 2010, as a state-owned sole comprehensive cultural enterprise approved by Chongqing government, with registered capital of CNY55 millions. The Group involves in the comprehensive fields including the artistic production, entertainment marketing, theatre operation, exhibition proposing , film and television producing and publishing, stage designing and producing, cultural relics restoring and real estate developing. The Group has several subsidiaries including the Chongqing Performance Company, Acrobatics Company, Folk Art Company, Ballet Company, Comedy Company, Stage Designing Company, Wenhua Properties Company, Yihong Film and Television Work Company and Barcelona Oulaya Culture Media Company, and also operates 5 properties including Chongqing International Circus World.
  193. Chongqing Xunbo Tickets Co Ltd.

    Chongqing Xunbo Tickets Co Ltd.

    Chongqing Xunbo Tickets Co Ltd., established in June 2014 with registered capital of one million yuan , is a ticketing and performance management company. Based in Chongqing, China, the company aims to expand towards the west and build up its own network across the country. On the other hand, the company always puts its customers in the first place and has thus gained high reputation as a brand and taken up a major part of the local market share.
  194. BEIJING EE-MEDIA. Co. Ltd


    Bejing EE-Media is a pioneer in youth culture in China. The company owns EE-Music and EE-Films, promoting artists, record albums, concerts, movies, tv shows, variety shows, publications, and other entertainment related merchandise catering to the 12 to 35 age group of the China population.
  195. Radish Records

    Radish Records

    Founded in 1995, Radish Records has organized “Spring Scream” for 21 years. The company has dedicated itself to promoting musical, arts and cultural exchanges and collaboration bewteen Taiwan and the international community, facilitating local tourism and industrial development, and enhancing Taiwan’s global image.
  196. New Run .Entertainment Co. Ltd

    New Run .Entertainment Co. Ltd

    New Run Entertainment is a professional music production company approved by the Bejing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television. The company was founded at the end of 1994, formerly known as Ya-Ping music studio. With a near-decade-long experience in audio and video recording, and setting up database for film copyrights, the company mainly focuses now on producing original music and related audio visual development and production, maintaining a high level of professionalism.
  197. Indeed Marketing Communications Consultancy

    Indeed Marketing Communications Consultancy

    The Indeed Marketing Communications Consultancy is a subsidiary of Uniplan. Broadening the Group's resources, we are a public relations company that provides dynamic MICE expertise to create experiential marketing events for clients and brands. Indeed serves a clientele that includes corporate brands, government agencies, industry associations and other organizations. We create brand images, maximize marketing promotions, manage media relations and more. Based on our vast capabilities and real-world experience, we are able to empower your PR promotional events, media and marketing communication, product launches, conventions and exhibitions, festival marketing arts, sporting events, etc.