Golden Melody Workshops

We invite professional lecturers in Taiwan to help participants improve their knowledge and ability to create music, in hopes of promoting music education and nourishing Taiwanese music talents.

Drum Kit Workshop

Brief Introduction to the drummer Chen Bo-zhou(Mr. Q)

The first Taiwanese professional online drummer that records at home. Has performed over 500 big concerts that have over 10 thousand audience. Has recorded over 700 songs.
He is also a music arranger apart from concert and studio recording drummer. In 2009, he was shortlisted for the Best Arranger of Golden Melody Awards with his work “100 Kinds of Lives” sung by Crowd Lu. He was invited to be a judge of the 5th Golden Indie Music Award by Ministry of Culture in 2014.

Music Composition Workshop

Joseph Huang is a paradoxic music worker who’s been working in mainstream music industry for nearly 20 years, but dreaming much about Indie music; a fond guitar player but also a composer who bought a lot of computers, electric pianos and sound generators. An owner of a music production company who majored in Accounting but rarely counts life on money.

He’s been a judge of Golden Melody Awards and Golden Indie Music Award for many times and was shortlisted for the Best Arranger of Golden Melody Awards. He’s been cooperated with famous artists in types concerts that held audience from twenty to two hundred audience. He has composed and recorded guitar over 600 pop songs in Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English. His aim is to open an outstanding music platform that allow great artists to compose or perform songs, he also wants to open a well arranged music school before he die…

He now works as an owner of the Riverside Music Productions, and striving hard for music!