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International Music Industry Heavyweights for Golden Melody Conference
Final Announcement and Titans revealed!!

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June 18, 2015 – Taipei, Taiwan – With the support of music professionals around the globe, Golden Melody Awards and Festival has announced the final list of panelists participating in the Conference of 2015 GMA, which will take place in Taipei Hyatt Hotel, June 24-26.
Heavyweights from Music related industries have confirmed their appearance and participation in this 3-day-long “Golden Melody Conference”. Being one of the most crucial events of “2015 Golden Melody Festival”, the Conference has successfully grabbed the attention of music stakeholders at home and abroad. The following are the themes that will be discussed during 11 sessions:
  • The Development Between Music Content Industry and Mobile VAS
  • Fan Interaction Power and Social Media Management
  • Brands and Music Industry
  • Future of Greater China Market
  • Funding in the Music Business
  • Taiwan Music on International Stage
  • The Generation Gap and Education of Human Resource in Music Industry
  • Trends in Concert - Hi-tech and Business Model
  • Practice in Music Big Data
  • How Media Influences/Effects Music Industry Nowadays
  • Pitching Program
46 moderators and speakers of music industries from Europe, North America, and Asia are invited to this platform to exchange their innovatory ideas and thoughts. A gathering of talents and intellectuals provides possibilities for participants to foresee the trends and offers partakers opportunities to build the future hand-in-hand. The following are the complete list of this year’s panelists (in alphabetical order):
Adam Klein: CEO of CMJ
Akio Tanaka: Co-founder and managing partner at Infinity Venture Partners
Alexander Shulgin: Founder of, Owner and director of Familia Group of Companies
Alvin Lee: Associate General Manager and Spokesman of HIM International Music Inc.
Andrew Chan: Senior Vice President of Digital and Strategic Development of Universal Music Greater China
Aya Nogami: Supervisor of Product Marketing at Universal Music Japan
Chang Chung-Jen: Director-general of Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, MOC
Blackie: Taiwan artist, Founder of B.ANGEL
Daito Manabe: Founder of Rhizomatiks, Technical director of Perfume at SXSW
Darren Chou: PR & Marketing Manager
Dennis Yang: Senior Marketing Director, North Asia, HTC
Denver Chang: GM of Linfair Records and Chair of RIT
Felix Wu: MD of Seed Music Group
Guanyuu Chen: Music Producer, Artist Manager of Ilid Kaolo
Ian Chen: GM of More Entertainment, Famous Music producer
James Minor: General Manager of SXSW Music Festival
Jamie Hsueh: Director at Taipei Chengshih University Degree Program of Pop Music
Johnny Au: Editor of Hello Asia and The AU Review
Jonathan Serbin: Head of Asia at Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter
Joseph Kuo: Managing Director for the Chunghwa Telecom Mobile Business Division's Value-Added Service Dept.
Josephine Cheng: Senior Vice President, KKBOX
K.C.Teng: Director of Branding Entertainment at Media-Palette
Kaz Michjima: Director at PROMIC for TIMM (Tokyo International Music Market)
Ken Cheung: Head of Media Partnerships, Asia Pacific at Facebook
Klaas Rohde: Owner/Director of Fjuze in the Netherlands
Lihui Shen: Founder and CEO at Modern Sky Festival, China
Lilian Chao: Freelance Columnist
Lydia Lu: Vice President of Talent Development Department in Neutron Innovation Ltd and the Secretary General of Alliances of Music Professionals
Marleen de Haan: Concept Manager of Fjuze in the Netherlands
Masa: GMA winner, Bass player of Mayday, Organizer of Super Slipper Festival
Minseuk Kim: Head of Strategy Planning and fund of funds for digital content industry at NIPA, Korea
Ocean: CEO at B-in Live, Taiwan
Sam Duann: President at Rock Music Group
Sega Cheng: Co-Founder and CEO at
Siva Yuan: Golden Bell Awards-winning Radio DJ, General manager of Jilee Culture Ltd.
Song Ke: MD of Evergrande Music
Stephen Webber: Director of Music Technology Innovation at Berklee College of Music Valencia campus/ Emmy Award–winning composer/ World famous producer
Steve Savoca: Global Head of Content, Spotify
Summer Kim: Head of Business Development at CI
Sunnie Chiou: Director of Cotton Council International, Taiwan
Sunny Chang: Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Greater China
Tim Cheng: Co-founder and CEO of FlyingV crowdfunding platform
Timothy Xu: Chairman & CEO, Sony Music Entertainment for Greater China
Vince Bannon: Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Evangelist of Getty Images
Yi-Shan Chen: Deputy Managing Editor of CommonWealth Magazine
Zoe Lin: TTV’s anchorwoman/ Project director for GMA 26
When being asked the reason of participating in 2015 GMA, James says, "This year marked the very first Taiwan Night at SXSW. The response was great, and I’m looking forward to learning more about Taiwanese music at the Golden Melody Awards and Festival." Johnny Au, the editor of Hello Asia and The AU Review says, “Last year was the very first time I participated in the Golden Melody Awards and Festival and I came away in awe of the level of music talent and the diversity of talent that I saw. I believe the GMA is a very important event not just for Taiwanese music but music in the Chinese speaking world and Asia in general.”
Alexander, who may be said to be the “Simon Cowell of Russia”, is excited about the coming GMA event, “For me, Taiwan is one of the world’s creative industry capitals. The growing success of the Taiwanese music abroad is obvious.” He also wishes to discover new comers during his trip, “I believe that people in Russia and Eastern Europe will appreciate the Taiwanese musicians. The only thing we need to do is to build a bridge between Taiwan and our region.”
Golden Melody Festival provides a platform that gathers the sharing ideas and collaboration opportunities. GMA will not only help reinforce ties but foster a stronger dynamics within music ecosystem. Aiming to become the iconic trading and training center of entertainment industries, Taiwan’s 2015 Golden Melody Festival will take place from June 24 to 26 at Taipei Hyatt Hotel. Conference, Biz Matching Center and Showcases held during these 3 days are open to public participation. The 26th edition of Golden Melody Awards will be held on 27th of June at Taipei Arena.