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The 26th GMA Gallery at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
The 26th GMA Gallery -- A quarter-century-old Treasure

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As a part of “2015 Golden Melody Awards and Festival”, “2015 GMA Gallery” has inaugurated on the 22nd of May in Culture Gallery at Zone C, Terminal 2, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Due to the success and popularity of “GMA Exhibition” held by Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, MOC for the 25th GMA last year, “2015 GMA Gallery” is presented to internationalize Chinese-language Pop music and reinforce GMA’s prominent place within MandoPop. Exhibition period last from May 22nd till August 2nd. Travelers at home and abroad can all get a deeper insight into Taiwanese music industry via GMA Gallery.
The GMA Gallery – organized by Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, MOC and co-organized by Taiwan Television Enterprise – is the result of joint efforts of Ever Rich Duty Free. The precious gems in this GMA Gallery take you on a tour of the successive years’ GMA honors, enabling you to experience the boundless beauty of life and the human soul as expressed in song, with its marvelous, never-ending metamorphoses. On this voyage you will be treated with climatic moments of the award ceremonies; award-winning album cover designs and their creators – Qing-Yang Xiao and Aaron Nieh; and recordings of moving musical performances in the sections Golden Melody Timeline / Golden Melody Juke Box and A Journey Through Time. And now … Bon Voyage!
Aiming to become iconic performances trading center of Asia, Golden Melody Festival will be held during 24th and 26th of June at Grand Hyatt Taipei, during which will hold Panel Discussions and Biz Matching Center. Series event of “Occupying Campus” has already commenced; Showcases and Golden Melody Workshops are also on their way. “2015 Golden Melody Awards Ceremony” will be held on 27th of June at Taipei Arena. Audience participation is more than welcomed.