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Golden Melody Festival Kicks off
To Build an Iconic Show Biz Trading Platform in Asia

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(Taipei, Taiwan, June 24) The Press Conference of the Opening Ceremony for the Golden Melody Festival at Taipei Hyatt Hotel. Aiming at connecting with international trends, expanding new overseas markets and transforming Taiwan into iconic performances trading platform in Asia, this three-day-long Festival features activities such as Conference, Biz Matching Center, Taiwan’s Music Festivals Exhibition (named “A Music Journey of A Thousand Kilometers”) and Showcase held at Neo Studio.
Hung Meng-chi, Minister of Culture, points out at the Opening Ceremony, ”the number of taiwanese companies registered for the 2015 Biz Matching has reached 216 whereas foreign companies come to 67. Huge increase compare to last year. Therefore we know that the potential of MandoPop is extraordinary in terms of global market, and we look forward to having even more exchanges and interactions among music partakers”.
The organizer, Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, Ministry of Culture states that, for the first time last year, Golden Melody Festival officially transformed into trading and matching platform. The concept of “b2b” (business to business) is further strengthened this year. GMA festival features 11 themed Conference, including the Development between Music Content Industry and Mobile VAS, Practice in Music Big Data, Trends in Concert - Hi-tech and Business Model, Brand Management, Founding, and Music Education, hoping that through brain storming and idea exchange, participants can obtain creative thinking. In addition, 2015 has the first edition of “Pitching Program” and Showcase featuring various music genre. Daniel Chen, Cosmos People, Yen-J, Ayugo Huang, Ailing Tai, Victor Wong, MJ116, Eve Ai will be displaying their talent to buyers and professionals around the world; thus increase the chances for collobaration.
Golden Melody Festival 2015 (GMA Festival 2015) invites heavyweights from music ecosystem, distinguished international guests include Randy Jackson – Grammy-winning Best Album Producer, James Minor – GM of SXSW, Matt McDonald – SVP of Artists & Events at CMJ Music Marathon, Jonathan Serbin – Head of Asia at Billboard, Steve Savoca – Head of Content at Spotify, Ken Cheung – Head of Media Partnerships, Asia Pacific at Facebook, Kaz Michjima – Director for TIMM (Tokyo International Music Market), Minseuk Kim – Head of Strategy Planning and fund of funds for digital content industry at NIPA, Korea and Alexander Shulgin – Founder of in Russia. Grammy-winning Album producer Randy Jackson will not only share his A&R experience as Keynote speaker in “An Avenue for Asian Artists to the International Market”, but also present “Best Instrumental Album Producer Awards” and “Best Instrumental Album Award” with Taiwanese artist Janet Hsieh during the 26th Golden Melody Awards.
GMA, being a b2b trading and matching center for music ecosystem, is partially open to general public. Access to Conference and Keynote speech is limited to music related companies and professionals; however, the recorded footage will be available on The 26th GMA section on Youtube.