New markets and commercial opportunities are generated through pitching, where Taiwan and international music industry related personnel, such as international performance companies, copyright purchasers and digital channel providers, are all invited to generate relevant matchmaking activities to the domestic industrial supply-demand chain.
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6/21 Wed 1400-1430 iConcerts Asia Private LimitedMathieu Sibille - CEO, iConcerts Asia Private Limited
1500-1530 The OrchardPriya Dewan - Director, Asia The Orchard
1600-1630 Coture New Media Co., Ltd.Homme - CEO, Coture New Media Co., Ltd
6/22 Thu 1400-1430 Skyking International C0.,LtdJohn Ku - Managing Director
1600-1630 CTBC VCHeminway - V.P. , CTBC VC
1700-1730 KKFARM Co., Ltd.Terence Leong - Managing Partner
6/23 Fri 1400-1430 Nichion, Inc.Michiko Yamazaki - Synch Manager、Jonny Thompson - Director
1500-1530 The Coca-Cola CompanyJoshua Burke - Global Head of Music Sourcing
1600-1630 Dark Paradise RecordsHuang Shao Yong - Representative, Dark Paradise Records

Mathieu Sibille

CEO, iConcerts Asia Private Limited

Stingray is a leading business-to-business multi-platform music and in-store media solutions provider operating on a global scale, reaching an estimated 400 million Pay-TV subscribers (or households) in 152 countries. Geared towards individuals and businesses alike, Stingray’s products include the following leading digital music and video services: Stingray Music, Stingray Concerts, Stingray Brava, Stingray Djazz, Stingray Music Videos, Stingray Lite TV, Stingray Ambiance, Stingray Karaoke, and iConcerts. Stingray also offers various business solutions, including music and digital display-based solutions, through its Stingray Business division. Stingray is headquartered in Montreal and currently has close to 300 employees worldwide, including in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Israel, Australia and South Korea.

Priya Dewan

Director, Asia The Orchard

Founded in 1997, the New York-based The Orchard is the world’s largest independent music digital distributor and a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment. The Orchard streamlines content owners’ business complexity with an intuitive client dashboard, comprehensive rights management and tailored client support. It distributes contents from music, short videos to movies. It is also an iTunes Approved and YouTube Certified company. The Orchard represents over 100 labels from Asia, including Ocean Butterflies, Asia Muse, Enjoy Records, Harvest International, Hummingbird (G.E.M.) and many others.


CEO, Coture New Media Co., Ltd.

Coture New Media Co., Ltd. The very first showbiz Internet media in Taiwan targeting young generation from 18 to 35 year-old.
Brand new showbiz Internet media offering self-produced, original drama and variety shows for worldwide Chinese audience.

John Ku

Managing Director, Skyking International C0.,Ltd

SkyKing International Co., Ltd. is founded in 2009 as the first video value-added provider in Taiwan. We continue devote to the development of video value-added service for the growth of handheld devices.
In 2013 we come out a video service platform called "Taiwan Good" App providing handheld users live television channels where each user can select any one of more than 70 channels to watch live TV. The download numbers are more than one million people.
Along with 4G LTE is getting maturity from 2014, SkyKing cooperated with major telecoms to provide most authorized channels and integrated service.
In the future, we look forward to cooperate with different hardware and software companies to extent the variety of Taiwan Good APP.



BRAVO iDEAS is a company major in creating interactive video technology founded in 2012. Determined to bring a better shopping experience through innovative technology in video interactions.We held 19 different interactive video patented to the technologies as early as 2007 in Taiwan, China, US, EU, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, India, Indonesia and many more. BRAVO iDEAS aims to build an experience on "To see to buy" in all media. Whether in traditional media or new media and throughout any platform.
BRAVO iDEAS is the only one with the patented right to direct shopping on Facebook & Twitter with "To see to buy".



Chinatrust Venture Capital Corp. is founded in 2003 and has been specialized in cultural and creative industry investment since 2010 and has invested in more than 20 movie projects. Leveraging on Chinatrust’s vast client base and marketing professionals, we aim to provide total solutions for companies' future development. Also by managing the government fund for Ministry of Culture, we are able to support the start-ups in cultural and creative industry by providing professional financial advice and support.

Terence Leong

Managing Partner

KKFARM is an special investor which is designed for Music and Entertainment Industries. We believe content and creative ability is a big power on the next era. We hope to integrate experience and technology to build up a new eco-system. Bringing the biggest value for our entrepreneurs we invested.

Michiko Yamazaki

Synch Manager

Jonny Thompson


Nichion, Inc. is one of Japan’s largest and most successful music publishing companies.
Established in 1963, Nichion is a subsidiary company of TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System), one of Japan’s leading television networks. As a music publisher, Nichion administers or controls both Domestic and International copyrights, with a domestic catalogue of nearly 40,000 titles and an International catalogue of over one million songs.
Among International catalogues, Nichion represents:
  • peermusic
  • Disney Music Publishing
As one of Japan’s premier music publishing companies, Nichion is actively engaged in all areas of the music publishing business including:
Copyright acquisition,administration and development
Song pitching and promotion for television,films, games and commercials
Songwriter development

Joshua Burke

Global Head of Music Sourcing, The Coca-Cola Company

Joshua is responsible for managng how The Coca-Cola Company procures and leverages music for marketing campaigns around the globe. This includes overseeing a network of music agencies that supply music content for advertising, partnering with artists via record labels and providing the ongoing support - layering best-in-class music content fo globally integrated marketing campaigns, programs and platforms. Joshua earned his Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Performance from Roosevelt University, Chicago.

Huang Shao Yong

Representative, Dark Paradise Records

Dark Paradise Records is an independent record label based in Taipei. We keep collecting Taiwan electronic music and electronic music artists to introduce, and develop more audience of loving electronic music. We hope to be a new style creator and integrator of Taiwan electronic music.