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Mickey Huang Feels Lucky to Host GMA Again,
Dennis and Lulu Devote Full Efforts on Red Carpet

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The 28th Golden Melody Awards ceremony and red carpet has successfully completed. It’s widely praised for “beautiful stage, great visuals and fascinating performances” among online viewers. “We would like to thank Ministry of Culture for its supports and trusts,” says executive organizer Taiwan Television Enterprise, “and we have full supports from our cooperation partner Recording Industry Foundation in Taiwan, as well as everyone in the pop music industry. We also thank ceremony producer Issac Chen and YoungHope Entertainment for accomplishing such a great event. Our appreciation also goes all of our partners and staff, especially our hosts Mickey Huang, Dennis and Lulu, so this event can be well-managed, meaningful and fun.” As to Lulu said in her Facebook update that she was asked to verify identity by staff at the seating area, TTV invited Lulu to continue the momentum during commercial breaks, so the audience could enjoy the event in a consistent atmosphere. Lulu delivered great performances and added a lot of fun. The misunderstanding happened as everyone as under great pressure, but both sides have already resolved this issue.
The ceremony host Mickey Huang is widely applauded. “I would like to thank musicians and our production team for their devotions,” says Huang. “I am honored and lucky to be a part of this experience with audience and journalists.” “I want to thank the audience, as well as Lulu and production team,” says red carpet host Dennis. “Our team efforts and collaborations achieve an enjoyable red carpet session.” “I would thank all the staff,” says Lulu. “Every ceremony is like a battle. We prepare all ammunitions for one month, and bring out all we have in this evening with all of our energy. It’s very difficult to produce a ceremony. I have backend access to witness how many people are needed to accomplish this event. Each scene is supported by planning, modification and execution efforts. This is my second time to host GMA red carpet, and I can still improve a lot. I welcome all feedbacks, advices, and suggestions, and hope everyone can recognize what the organizer has achieved.”
The 28th Golden Melody Awards ceremony and red carpet has successfully completed. This major pop music event in the Mandarin-speaking world is widely covered by media outlets around the world, including America, Britain, Germany, Australia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Nigeria. Taiwan Television Enterprise will continue to contribute to music industry and musicians in Taiwan.