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GMA (Golden Melody Awards & Festival)
The GMA is a multi-event musical celebration featuring mainly the Golden Melody Awards and the Golden Melody Festival.
It is held every year in June in Taipei, Taiwan.

Prior to the Golden Melody Awards Ceremony, a series of events take place during a span a three days, including international conferences, networking sessions, business matching center, exhibition and showcases. Invitees come from Asia, Europe and the Americas and consist of key figures in the record, performance, artist agency, international news and television industries, as well as international buyers and musicians. The aim is to facilitate business exchange between Taiwan and the world and make the event an important business platform in Asia.

Golden Melody International Festival EVENTS

In order to cultivate Taiwan's next generation of popular music and performance talent, and adapting to the direction of this new generation of musical talents, the 2019 GMA Occupying Campus Industry-University Exchanges planned the Music and Performance Integrated Workshop series, materializing the motto “I, as seen by You” through the various courses offered.


Music experts of different fields are invited to conduct the Masterclass through lectures and demonstrations. Arranged in small class sizes, the Masterclass sessions focus on the explorations and exchanges of practical experiences and techniques in music business.


Leading figures, both from home and abroad, are invited to speak on the current and future trends in the music industry, including music production, market exploration, technological innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.


Potential buyers are invited to watch the performance of domestic and overseas artists and bands. The event focuses on Taiwanese artists with export potential, helps showcase the musical diversity of Taiwan and creates opportunities to expand overseas markets.


Networking runs on two themes: festival and curators, market potential and buyers. Key figures are introduced to the attendees and invited to talk about their personal experience in organizing their own music festival or businesses, passing the knowledge and resource to others and fostering business collaboration.

Biz Matching Center

Music companies or businesses with interest to work across the industries are invited to sign up for business matching events online to create business opportunities for themselves.


The GMA exhibition features the latest music and interdisciplinary technologies and showcases mind-blowing futuristic applications to satisfy the imagination of visitors.

GMA Heat

As GMA's platform for up-and-coming talents, GMA Heat invited a new generation of outstanding singers and groups to perform. A chance for them to infuse their passion into the melody, and for Taiwan's pop music to shine.

Past Festivals:
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