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Tickets Giveaway

Onsite Standby Tickets

  1. The queue for tickets forms at the north gate of Taipei Arena, located at the north-eastern plaza.
  2. Numbered standby tickets will be given out in order starting from 2018/06/23 Sat 16:30 hours. Ticket holders should form a queue in order at the north-eastern plaza outside of the north gate before 18:40 hours awaiting instructions from staff members to enter.
  3. Admission into the venue will begin on 2018/06/23 Sat 19:15 hours, admission is not guaranteed, standby ticket holders will be informed once all seats are filled. We ask for your patience and follow instructions from our onsite staff members.
  4. Standby seating will mostly be located on the second and third floor, please follow instructions from staff members to enter.

Ticket Giveaway