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30th Golden Melody Awards Ceremony
Ave. Rating 4.66, Effec. Rating 5.33,
No.1 Over the Country
Jolin's Song of the Year Receive Top Attention
Jam Hsiao's Red Carpet Most Watched
6 mil clicks for GMA Online Platform

......... 2019/7/1
The 30th Popular Music Golden Melody Awards Ceremony was successfully concluded last Saturday (June 29th, 2019). The excellent award ceremony and performances received an overall rating of 4.66, an average effective rating of 5.33, both ranked at No. 1 over the entire country! Rating for female audience between 25 to 39 was 6.58, with a total viewership of 3,417,000! The ceremony's highest rating was 6.41, and located around the presentation of Song of the Year, when Jolin Tsai and Razor Chiang were giving their speech, which translates to a total of 1,417,000 viewers; the second highest rating, 5.98, was located during Isaac Chen's presentation of Best Female Mandarin Vocalist, with around 1,316,000 people watching; the third highest rating took place during Leo Wang's acceptance speech for the Best Male Mandarin Vocalist at 5.97, or around 1,314,000 viewers. An Ton That's acceptance speech for the Best Composer category received a rating of 5.92, or 1,304,000 viewers; Yue Chia-lun and Venus Huang's presentation of Best Single Producer received a rating of 5.87, or a total of 1,292,000 viewers.

For the performances, S.H.E.'s Us segment took the lead at 6.39, attracting 1,406,000 viewers; Lulu's Interlude & Scanning QRcode Making Friends came in second at 5.99, or a total of 1,318,000 viewers; the third place went to Lulu's Interlude Drawing Introduction of Presenter Jam Hsiao with a rating of 5.86, or 1,290,000 viewers; fourth highest rating took place during the Pre-Best Male Mandarin Vocalist Presentation Lulu's Interlude Giving Out Party Toys for Male Singers and Filter Glasses for Female Singers segment at 5.81, for a total of 1,278,000 viewers. The Red Carpet event received an average total rating of 0.93, and an effective average rating of 0.96. The highest segment been Jam Hsiao Interviewed on Red Carpet at 2.20, or 485,000 viewers; the second highest took place during G.E.M. Interviewed on Red Carpet at 2.03, or 446,000 viewers; third highest rating was during the EggPlantEgg Arrives on the Red Carpet & Eve Ai Interviewed on Red Carpet segment at 1.66, or 365,000 viewers.
As of 12:00 pm July 1st, 2019, the Official 30th Golden Melody Awards Ceremony Youtube online platform received 5,970,315 clicks. Chunghwa Telecom's MOD six-angle-broadcasts and Hami Video's exclusive livestream both received meter-breaking amount of streaming. The historical hug Jolin Tsai shared with Mayday's Ashin during the night's presentation of Song of the Year received more than 20 million viewership on both MOD and Hami Video, a new historical record for total number of streamers tuned in.

The 30th Popular Music Golden Melody Awards Ceremony was hosted single-handedly by Lulu Huang. After receiving rating numbers for the ceremony, she remarked happily “I very much appreciate organizer the Ministry of Culture and the executing agency TTV and Young Hope Entertainment for their willingness to believe in me. It was also very fortunate that we didn't ran overtime, all the skits could be fully played out, the stars were all aligned, and the success of this ceremony belongs to everyone. I feel very honored! And shall keep up the good work”. Chief Producer Isaac Chen expressed that “This is a huge affirmation for my team”. Red Carpet Hosts Dennis and Mary received critical acclaim for their hosting, Dennis remarked that “This is a team effort, and hope the entire world can see GMA at 30”. Mary also expressed that “The GMA team really gave it all they've got for GMA 30, I can totally feel it during the preparation and rehearsal processes. Therefore, I feel deeply honored and lucky to be part of GMA 30. Thanks Dennis for his leadership, and countless rehearsals with me, the encouragement he has given me, and many other things he handled for me, allowing me to have such a great experience for my first time at the GMA Red Carpet. Because I can feel how hard everyone worked for it, I'm overjoyed at the support GMA 30 has received. Here's hoping that through GMA 30, we can break some old habits on people's listening to music, because Taiwan really has a lot of very talented musicians, and it's just simply spectacular”.