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Audience Notices
  • Admission to the Golden Melody Awards are not for sale and are registered as such on the tickets, resale of tickets are strictly prohibited.
  • Ticket-scalping is strictly prohibited, please obtain your ticket through ticket giveaway activities on the GMA official website or wait for onsite substitution on the day of the ceremony.

Onsite Standby Tickets

  1. The queue for tickets forms at the north gate of Taipei Arena, located at the north-eastern plaza.
  2. Numbered standby tickets will be given out in order starting from 2019/06/29 Sat 16:30 hours. Ticket holders should form a queue in order at the north-eastern plaza outside of the north gate before 18:40 hours awaiting instructions from staff members to enter.
  3. Admission into the venue will begin on 2019/06/29 Sat 19:10 hours, admission is not guaranteed, standby ticket holders will be informed once all seats are filled. We ask for your patience and follow instructions from our onsite staff members.
  4. Standby seating will mostly be located on the second and third floor, please follow instructions from staff members to enter.

Reserved Tickets

  1. Admission between 17:30 to 19:00 hours.
  2. Reserved tickets become null and void after 19:00 hours for non-special sections (2F, 3F). Ticket holders that have not entered the venue before 19:00 hours should await admission with standby ticket holders, and will be informed once all seats are filled.
  3. Staff members at the gate will examine your tickets for validity, please store your tickets appropriately, the organizer is not responsible for replacing any damaged or lost tickets, and seating will not be arranged without proper tickets.

Important Notice

  1. To maintain the quality of our program, please ensure that your mobile devices are off or set to silent mode.
  2. Photography and filming are strictly prohibited within the venue; those unwilling to comply will be asked to leave the premises.
  3. For safety reasons, children shorter than 110cm are prohibited from entering the B1 special section and all sections on the third floor.
  4. The Awards Ceremony will be a live broadcast, consequently leaving your seat without instruction is strictly prohibited.
  5. Smoking, eating, bringing alcoholic beverages, bottled and glass containers, or other dangerous items are strictly prohibited.
  6. Please abide by all the rules and regulation posted prominently at the gates of the venue.
  7. We apologize for any inconveniences these may have caused.