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Venue:Xinyi District Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Plaza
Time:June 28 Fri - June 29 Sat


June 28 Fri 19:00 - 19:20

A nominee for Best Male Vocalist – Mandarin at the 29th Golden Melody Awards, Haor specializes in the fusion of funk, folk, and R&B styles. He began with a funky conflict with acoustic guitar, breaking the stereotype of a warm folk song; laced with a R&B style vocal, and thus born the unique interpretation that is the Haor style. Single-handedly accomplished everything from arrangement, lyrics, mixing and production, Haor’s work speaks of the relationship and realization between modern life and the urban dwellers; simple yet rich, leisurely but busy. In his 2015 concept album “Outdo”, Haor satirized current events and the era of information explosion through the easygoing lyrics of “Silent Kids”, his musings from been a long time street performer in “Strange Looks”, and his difficult personal journey chasing his dreams in “Dream Walker”. In 2017 Haor released his second personal album “HOW” detailing his values, expressing his emotional side through songs like “Inner Voice”, and “Call You Later”, his observations on modern life and diseases of civilization through “Goldfish Brain”, his observations of the environment through “PM 2.5”. Haor plans to release a new album with a brand-new creative style in 2019.

.gif (Singapore)

June 28 Fri 19:30 - 19:50

Known for their dark beats and immersive vocals, electronic duo .gif has graced stages all over the world with their gritty, lush soundscapes. Made up of weish and din, the pair started out as a passion project.
The duo’s debut EP “Saudade” dates back to 2013, followed by full-length album “soma” in 2015. Word spread organically through their quiet releases and packed-out live shows, and soon they were playing festivals such as St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Inside Out in London, BIGSOUND Brisbane, HUSH! Music Festival in Macau, George Town Festival in Penang, Jakarta’s Java Soundsfair, Neon Lights, and more. Most recently, .gif have returned from an 11-show UK tour to an overwhelming reception.
Beyond the music circuit, they also played at Sundance Film Festival and Sheffield Doc/Fest, due to vocalist weish’s involvement in the soundtrack of award-winning film Shirkers, now a Netflix Original. Their music also features on Yeo Siew Hua’s A Land Imagined, the first Singaporean film to win the prestigious Golden Leopard at Switzerland’s Locarno Film Festival. Other notable collaborators include Checkpoint Theatre, Marc Nair, Bani Haykal, and have also composed for brands such as Uniqlo and Ethos Books.
In their writing, the pair often draw from literature, theatre and film. The duo have also been featured on international publications such as VICE’s Thump (US), FasterLouder (AU), Earmilk (US) and Indie Shuffle (US), earning critical comparisons to the likes of Portishead, Little Dragon and Björk.


June 28 Fri 20:00 - 20:20

“A bit cool, a bit stupid, a bit crazy, and a bit nice,” everyone’s got a different first impression of Karencici. Her given name is Karen, but family called her “Xi Xi” growing up. Consequently, she proposed to her company that her alias should be “Karencici.” Growing up in the U.S., she is fluent in both Mandarin and English. She also holds a rather open worldview, highly accepting of new experiences, and love to try new things and face new challenges. Her unique voice left many lasting impressions. At the tender age of 20, she already got a rather impressive music resume, written hundreds of songs, including for A-list celebrities such as Hebe Tien, Jolin Tsai, and Yoga Lin. She has previously attended the Sing! China televised competition and received praises from one of the judge Wang Feng. Karencici then proceed to break all existing records last July by signing up with a Korean talent agency, and publish her first English extended play record, making her official debut on the music scene, while her first album was still in pre-production. Her much-anticipated first Mandarin-language album “SHA YAN” was finally released in late 2018.

John Stoniae

June 28 Fri 20:30 - 20:50

Two souls inhabit one single body
Face each other over light and shadow where no words abide
Sense the warmth yet feel piercingly cold all of a sudden
One is flying while the other is keen on falling
John Stoniae is a singer, he is also a song-writer. He uses song to express half of him and hide the other half to himself. Music is the way he chooses to bond with the real world, and all the things that he wants you to know, they are in every song. There’s an alternative, indistinctive vibe in his music that express metaphorical richness and non-linear thinking, which is profound and fun. Everyone has his own odd sense of his songs. That is how the feeling is unique.
Born in Taiwan 1993, John Stoniae was raised and educated in Shanghai, he went to Hong Kong attending The Savannah College to study Game Design when he took an interest in art and music. During studying he realized his dream was to play music, driven by it that he resolutely went back to Taiwan. A nimble and versatile wit like John Stoniae, he completed this debut album almost on his own, including writing songs, music arrangement, production and also inspire the design of the album cover.


June 28 Fri 21:00 - 21:20

Possessing many unique qualities desired by singers and entertainers, with a sensitivity and persuasiveness for music and fashion, and a face that’s several decades too young for the talent and experience underneath, ØZI understands that even if he were to choose a path away from music, he could still prove his capability and express his values through other means. A creative singer capable of arrange, writing lyrics and performing songs all by himself, yet still capable of producing, mixing, and post. He is also capable of directing an entire music video, even serve as producer for other artists. Even on the global scale, it would be hard to find a singer capable of so much. Thus the meaning of “full-range” for this generation, would need to be redefined following the appearance of ØZI on the scene.


June 28 Fri 21:30 - 21:50

9m88 was born in the 90s in Taipei. She graduates from The New School in New York City late 2018 majored in Jazz vocal. She gained the attention of the public for her collaboration with Leo Wang ‘Weekends with You’ in late 2016. She has since collaborated with musicians of various styles, including Soft Lipa, Wu Tsing-fong, LEO37+ SOSS, Beijing producer Fishfoll, Youtuber Outlander, Mandarin language R&B rising star ØZI among others. Her music style is greatly influenced by R&B, Jazz, Free Improv, and Pop. The lyrics of her song always been sweet with just a tad of satire. In 2017, she recorded a cover of City Pop’s classic ‘Plastic Love’ for the album “Nine Head Hinano” published by 2manysound, which gained her international attention. 9m88 is currently preparing for her first album, to be published in August 2019.

Sweet John

June 29 Sat 14:00 - 14:20

Sweet John, an indie band from Taipei, creates an unique but easy listening POP style based on Math-rock, Jazz, sampling and vivid sound design. Their first album “Dear” was published at the end of 2017. In the next year, they are nominated for not only the Best Band Award in Golden Melody Awards (GMA), the best-known music award in Chinese area, but also the Best Rock Single Award in Golden Indie Music Awards (GIMA).
Sweet John is good at utilizing special math-rock-style catchy hooks in the melody to make an impression on the audience. Their music abstracts more than 3000 fans in the formal concert “Nice to Meet You Again” and 2018 Tour “First Sight” through six cities. They are intended to bring more sweet songs in the near future.

Rima Zeidan

June 29 Sat 14:30 - 14:50

Rima Zeidan, may be a new name in the music industry.But even so, you will be wowed by her unique beauty and her savoir faire.What’s more, she’s hosted a popular travel show, and is the proud recipient of the 2017 Golden Horse Award for Best New Performer.
She has studied some dance and music, laying the foundation for her to learn to play the piano, vio-lin, guitar and ukulele, and do these while performing and singing.
Rima is a fresh and creative artist, and not just another pretty-face, or so-called idol. Her music is un-like anything we’ve heard before. It integrates the praise of gospel music, the broad imagination of Nordic music, and elements of Western pop music, such as Broadway-style monologues.
As she hums and sings, Rima pens her own music and oeuvre, and creates a musical style and attitude toward life which is one of a kind.
Her debut album, “Do You Even Know”, was released in 2018. Her voice is so natural and genuine that it moves her audience. With the simplicity she reveals, combined with melodies that awaken our hearts, she shows us the positive side of life, and sings of encounters we have all experienced.
Rima Zeidan’s virgin creation, “Do You Even Know”, was guided and well-received by five major producers in the pop music industry, including Ray Huang, George Chen, Howe Chen, Howie Chou, and Kay Huang. Furthermore, Rima also garnered musical support from Tanya Chua and Kowen Ko, who she worked with to complete three pieces of music. In this world, being yourself is the happiest thing you can achieve. And now, Rima shares this achievement with you. Listen to her songs with your heart, and marvel in the melodies she shares with you. This is the gift Rima Zeidan shares with us all!

James Yang

June 29 Sat 15:00 - 15:20

James Yang (born July 4, 1985), a British-Hong Kong singer-songwriter, actor. Starting learning Chinese when he arrived in Taipei in 2011 to pursue a singing career.
- 2018 Released double album “Lost & Found”
- 2012 Attended Taiwan's singing contest program, “Million Star” then selected as the No.1 challenger among all competitors.
- 2013 Topped at No.5 from China's national singing contest show “Chinese Idol”
- 2014 Debut album “Stay” released in February. Which comprises two self-penned songs The Poison and Clarity and eight covers of English and Mandarin songs.

HAUTE (France)

June 29 Sat 15:30 - 15:50

With HAUTE, everything goes hand in hand.
French duo halfway between Electronic R&B and Soulful Pop, Anna Majidson and Blasé were meant to be. Both born in France but raised on the other side of the Atlantic, the pair cultivates the same cultural background, made of a french heritage and teenage years fed with the american Pop culture, especially Hip-hop and R&B.
It was HAUTE fate that they would cross paths in Montreal. In 2013, both decided to join McGill University to study music and philosophy among other subjects. Same curriculum, same influences, by chance they would even live in the same street ... but as in every good 2010s fairy tale, Anna and Blasé would eventually meet through the Internet, thanks to anad that Blasé had posted ona Facebook page dedicated to McGill's musicians. It is in Paris that they would actually meet in real life, once again by accident.
The name HAUTE is a reflection of « their roots but also a certain grandeur and elegance a la frangaise while staying relevant to an english-speaking environment ». It also stands for the confluence of various influences, musical genres, cultures and talents. Blasé and Anna work hand inhand on every track: they write, compose and record together in perfect symbiosis.
Spotted by Sofitel Hotels, they wrote ‘Réverie’, the signature song of the famous brand and brought it to life in an unplugged session video available ‘Reverie’ is played in Sofitel hotels worldwide. HAUTE presents its newest single ‘Shut Me Down’ , a track which stands out with a subtle combination of hazy synths, funky guitars, swinging percussions and smooth vocals. All these elements highlight the lyrics counting the story of the end of a relationship and the pain that comes with it, giving birth to sensual cut with a compelling groove.


June 29 Sat 16:00 - 16:20

Accusefive band, a pop rock band from Yilan, Taiwan. Formed in 2017. Current members are Guitarist / Lead singer Yun-Ann, Lead singer Quan-Qing and Drummer Qian.
To show their diversity in music, the band includes a variety of music genres in their works, including Folk Rock、Pop Rock、Indie Rock、Synth pop、Dance Pop、Ballad、Electro and New wave. The two vocals attract audience all around by their therapeutic and charming voices.

Xiao Bing-Chih

June 29 Sat 16:30 - 16:50

Xiao Bing-Chih, also known as “Tin Tin”, made his debut as the lead vocal of Magic Power, he’s also the lead songwriter within the band, aside he also plays the piano. His well-known songs are ‘I still love you’ and ‘Secretly’ which hit more than 10 million views on YouTube. Since his debut, he has performed with his band all over the world including 2 fully sold-out shows in Taiwan and Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver, Shanghai etc. Magic Power has released 4 full-scale album and received numerous awards.
After 3 years of hiatus, Xiao Bing-Chih finally makes his return to the Mandopop scene! He re-leased his debut solo album “Mortal” in 2018, and immediately clinched the top spot of various album sales, radio and online streaming charts. In the same year, he performed his new album con-cert “Mortal” infront of a strong 5000 crowd! He was also invited as the opening guest for “Jessie J - The R.O.S.E Tour” & “MAYDAY LIFE TOUR”!
This year, Xiao was awarded “Best Newcomer - Gold” & “Best Male Singer-Songwriter” in the Global Chinese Golden Chart. Additionally he was awarded “Top 10 single of 2018” and was nom-inated most popular newcomer in the upcoming 2019 Hito Music Awards. He will perform his first solo concert “2019 Mortal Tour” on 6th Jul, tickets was sold out upon sale and second show was added on 7th July!
Do not miss Mandopop up and coming singer-songwriter - Xiao Bing-Chih!

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