Golden Melody Festival
Originally named Golden Melody Music Week at its grand launch in 2010, the Festival was a national consumer showcase- and performance-based event in Taiwan for the general public. In 2014, the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, Ministry of Culture, transformed the event into an international intermediary for industrial and commercial showcasing and officially titled the event Golden Melody Festival to merge with Golden Melody Awards for the first time in the hope for bringing GMA under the international spotlight.

Golden Melody Festival invites industry representatives, relevant personnel and organizations and international buyers and artists from countries in Europe, America and Asia so as to promote and encourage the exchange and cooperation between domestic and international industries. This has helped to maintain the superior status of Taiwan pop music among Chinese speaking community, to furthermore bring it to the global market and to create an iconic image of Taiwan being the intermediary and trades center of performance art in Asia through connecting production, showcasing, marketing, distribution and other industrial aspects altogether. The 2014 Golden Melody Festival attracted 62 domestic and international participating organisations with 900 representatives combined and generated transaction value of approximately $250 million NTD. The organizer employed and reinforced business-to-business module and online registry and matchmaking system for the 2015 Festival. It had successfully attracted 293 domestic and international participating organisations and 300 biz matching events totalling around 3000 attendees that resulted in total transaction value of approximately $430 million NTD.

In 2016, a total of 341 domestic and foreign exhibitors, media co-396 sessions of 5,000 or more visitors. Transaction value reaches a high record between $4.7-$5.8 billion.

In 2017 we continue to Organize Golden Melody Festival and Golden Melody Awards which Golden Melody Festival includes Conferences, GMA Talk, Biz Matching Center, Exhibition, Speed Meeting, Pitching, Showcase, Golden Melody Academia and other activities, we welcome all related companies to join in the festivities in the music industry.
2017 Golden Melody Festival Events


Through inviting Golden Melody Awards winning artists and groups to present seminars or forums, GMA Talk presents their stories and experiences in the entertainment industry to students who are interested in building their careers in the music industry.

Golden Melody Academia

New to the Golden Melody Awards events, 2017 Golden Melody Academia creates industry-academic cooperation with “The value of A&R and Songwriting” as this year’s theme. In seminars and discussions, well-known national composers and lyrics writers are invited to interact with students of song writing related majors .It bridges the academic and industrial activities and generates the continuous influence of popular music in schools.


During the duration of showcases, international and domestic buyers of the music industry attend to enjoy Taiwanese artists and bands’ live performances which will also promote Taiwan popular music, live-house culture and talents who acquire the potentials of international recognition. It shows the diversity of Taiwan popular music scene and its charism and features to international buyers. This is also the chance for Taiwan popular music and artists to develop their career opportunities overseas.


Ten panel discussions hosted and presented by the music industry professionals from around the world, exploring the global trends and developments of pop music. Through the exchanges of knowledge and experiences, Mandopop shall seek for and discover more innovative, profitable business models and opportunities.

Biz Matching Center

All segments of the music industry chain who are interested in music cross-industrial cooperation are invited to participate in the exhibition. Through online registry and biz matching, trade exhibitions serve as a diverse commercial platform using business-to-business module for a better communication between organizations, businesses and companies, and a more active industrial environment. As well as providing the music industry a chance to connect with more business opportunities.


New markets and commercial opportunities are generated through pitching, where Taiwan and international music industry related personnel, such as international performance companies, copyright purchasers and digital channel providers, are all invited to generate relevant matchmaking activities to the domestic industrial supply-demand chain.

Speed Meeting

Through inviting major international music festival and event curators and organizers to participate in biz matching meetings, Taiwan domestic music industry has the chance to interact with international music events so as to increase global recognition of Taiwan pop music and the potential cooperation opportunities.


The 2017 exhibition theme is “GMA Future Record shop: The combination of music and digital technology” which fits perfectly in the current energetic scene of digital technology employed in music.