Media Registry

Guidelines on Application of Press Pass for The 28th Golden Melody Awards and Festival

The organizer welcomes media to apply press passes for the 28th Golden Melody Awards and Festival. Each event has its own designated application documents. Please download the documents from the pages of Award Ceremony (link) or Music Festival (link) in accordance with your own needs.

The application documents for both events are Notice to the Press and Application Form of Press Passes, and letter of Undertaking Agreement of Licensees.
The Notice, divided into two parts, is provided to print and electronic media. The first part introduces the time and venue of events, notice for interviews and general information. Please read it carefully and observe the terms. The second part is the application form. Please download it and fax the completed form to TTV. Please call to confirm if the form was received, and collet the passes at TTV within the allotted time.
The letter of Undertaking Agreement of Licensees is provided to e-media who needs the television signals of TTV or who film the images that require authorization from TTV. Please read it carefully, then stamp company chops on and sign it. Media will not be allowed to collect their press passes if they did not submit the original copy of the Letter when colleting the passes.

The English version of all four documents, two for each event, will be uploaded soon. International media is welcomed to download them for application.

The interview procedure of the 28th Golden Melody Awards (GMA, including ceremonies and the Music Festival) will be decided by the coordination committee composed of TTV and the association of photographers of print and electronic media. Please pay attention to related notices. All media must send representatives to take part in and draw lots to decide the position arrangement of photographers during the events in the coordination meeting. Regulations concerning interviews will also be announced at the meeting. These regulations are expected to be thoroughly observed on the dates of events.

The organizer appreciates the cooperation of all media.